Online Bingo

Online bingo is similar to the land-based game, with two exceptions: First, a computer program generates the numbers instead of a person pulling them from a bingo machine; and second, players do not need to mark off their cards (although some sites may allow this) – the system will ‘auto dab’ tickets and claim any wins.

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Where to play the best Bingo online

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How to play

  • After you have selected a bingo site, and the specific variant of game you want to play, you then have to buy tickets – as many as you like provided it’s within the limits of the room.
  • Once you have your tickets, you simply sit back and wait for the game to start – most bingo rooms have a live chat feature which you can use to chat to other players before and during the game.
  • Once the game starts, the bingo balls will be selected through the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG).
  • If your ticket contains the number that has been selected, the bingo software will automatically mark it off and advise you how many numbers you have left before winning, e.g. 2TG (Two To Go)
  • The game will continue in this manner until someone wins the current prize. The winner will be announced to the rest of the players, and the winnings added to their account.
  • More numbers will then be drawn until the next prize is won, and so it goes until the main prize is won – this usually happens when the whole bingo ticket is completed.
  • Should two or more players win a prize simultaneously, the prize will be shared between them.
  • Some variants include a special jackpot over and above the main prize that pays out once the entire bingo card has been completed under a certain number of balls.

Types of Bingo games

75 Ball in Online Bingo

A 5 x 5 grid contains your numbers while the centre square is open for everyone. You can win prizes for 1-line, 2-line, 3-line, 4-line and 5-line. Getting all the numbers called first in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line, will win you the 1-line prize.

75 Ball Variant

Also known as pattern bingo, this bingo variant uses balls between 1 and 75 plus applies a different type of card. Each grid has a 5 x 5 square containing 24 numbers with the central square free. A letter from the word ‘’BINGO” heads up each of the 5 columns, making locating the numbers very easy.

90 Ball in Online Bingo

90 Ball Bingo tickets contain 3 rows and 9 columns with each row featuring 5 numbers. Every game yields 3 prizes; 1-line, 2-line, and a full house prize (this is won when the first player marks off all the numbers on their card). This game is very popular and the perfect choice for beginner online bingo players.

Top tips to win at online Bingo

Lessen the competition

Try to play against as few opponents as possible, for example during week days or odd hours, to increase your chances of winning.

Play multiple cards / tickets

It is more cost effective to purchase multiple cards at a lower level, than to pay more for one card that can win a higher prize. Your odds are increased for a called number to be on at least one of the cards, plus you also stand in line to win the patterns which also cross over multiple bingo tickets.

Buy as many cards as you can keep your eye on

It’s best to not buy multiple packs of cards for one game if you are not using the auto-daub function, as you will more than likely not be able to track all the numbers as they are being called.

Know the game

Before you play, find out how the prizes for the particular game you are interested in are won, as some games award different prizes for number combinations beyond merely a single line.

Make use of the chat room facility

Unbeknownst to many new players is that the chat rooms host their own competitions and award prizes that are completely separate from the main bingo game. Simply keep the chat box open and watch out for announcements of upcoming competitions by the chat room moderator.

Employ strategy systems

There are two main strategy systems that can be applied to online Bingo, namely Granville’s and Tippett’s. However, due to the absolute randomness of numbers drawn, there is no proof that these systems actually improve your odds, but hey, there is no harm in trying as they won’t decrease your odds either!