Classic Blackjack Review

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular Blackjack games on the Internet today. Based on a delicate balance between luck and skill, this exciting game is both simple and straightforward to play. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, the game’s quality features and high-caliber software make Classic Blackjack an attractive game that you can enjoy for hours.

The object in Classic Blackjack is to compete with the dealer to achieve a hand value that is equal or closest to 21. Face cards have a value of 10, Aces can be counted as either 1 or 11 depending on the decision of the player while all of the other cards are counted at their face value.

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How to Play Classic Blackjack

Here are the steps to play Classic Blackjack:

  • First, select your wager amount for the approaching round.
  • Click Deal to activate the round. You will be dealt 2 cards face up and the dealer 2 cards, one facing up and the other facing down, by the “house”.
  • Now you have to decide on how you want to proceed. If you want an additional card, click Hit. If you opt to hold on to the cards you have been dealt and simply end your turn, click Stand. By clicking Double, you can double your bet and you will be dealt yet another card. If you were initially dealt a Pair and wish to double your bet and convert your original hand into two, click Split.

How to Win Playing Classic Blackjack

As the Player, you can win if you:

  • Get Blackjack.
  • Make your hand closer to 21 than the Dealer’s without exceeding 21, which is known as busting.
  • Stay under 21 in a situation where the dealer busts.

Basic Rules of the Game

The following include some of the basic rules of Classic Blackjack:

  • Cards are dealt from a standard deck, i.e. a deck of 52 cards.
  • After every round, the cards must be reshuffled.
  • You win automatically if you get Blackjack. If you (the Player) and the Dealer both get Blackjack, the round is a draw and the next move is to push.

Tips Even if you are a new player, you can use successful strategies on Microgaming Classic Blackjack. The game provides a special strategy chart that you can access at any point during play. With the help of this chart, you can make decisions on winning moves – when to hold, when to double, when to split and more.

What We Think of the Game

Microgaming Classic Blackjack is an exciting and interesting game. It is also easy to understand and play, making it an awesome pick for those who are new to Blackjack. You get great payouts with this game as well, so if you want to win, Classic Blackjack is definitely for you.

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