ProLine Sports Betting - Ontario's Online Sports Betting Site online sports bettingProLine is a Canadian betting site that is operated in Ontario. It offers real-money gambling to residents from Ontario via the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) lottery site.

The key benefit of choosing ProLine to place bets is that Ontario players can legally place bets on professional football (Canadian and American), hockey, US college football, US college basketball, baseball, US/Canadian soccer (MLS) and European soccer.

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ProLine Services

The website offers four different wagering options: 

  1. Point Spread

    This allows players to choose between two and 12 games spreads to bet on.

  2. ProLine

    This is played by picking the outcomes of at least three (but no more than six) sporting events or matches. There will be a list of events and associated odds on the site. Players must predict six correct results to win the jackpot prize.

  3. Pools

    This is a simpler version of the ProLine option where players can just pick between the Visitors (V) or Home (H) for a match win.

  4. Props

    Here, players can predict whether the total points across three to six matches will be over or under the predicted OLG score.

Limitations of Playing at ProLine

  • $2 is the minimum bet, and $100 is the maximum. 
  • The service is only available to residents of Ontario.
  • Players MUST bet on at least three games for a valid bet.
  • There is no generous Welcome Bonus like those offered by offshore operators e.g. Betway.

How ProLine Bets work

Odds are set by the OLG and you can select a range of outcomes:

  • V+ (Visitor to win by a set number of points/goals or greater)
  • V (Visitor team to win by a single point or more)
  • H (Home team to win by a single point or more), and 
  • H+ (Home team to win by set number of points/goals or greater).


Note that outcomes and bets differ depending on the sport. For example, in soccer bets, there are only three possible bets:

  1. V (the visiting team to win by 1 goal or more),
  2. T (a draw), or
  3. H (the home team to win by 1 or more).

There are also Over/Under bets, where you can bet on whether the total score in a game is over or under the number set by the OLG.

In order to place your bet, your ProLine ticket must be printed out and taken to your nearest OLG retailer. You will also receive a 5c fuel saving whenever you play at ProLine stores.

ProLine Betting Tips

  • Don’t bet with your heart, use your head

    Remember that Proline is only accessible to people who live in Ontario. And since the lotteries know that most Kanucks love to bet on their local (favourite) teams and rarely want to go against them, the betting odds on those teams will usually be shaded accordingly.

  • Bet only when you believe you have an edge

    The parlay requirement of Canada’s provincial sports lotteries sometimes forces you to bet on games that you otherwise wouldn’t. For example, let’s say you want to bet on NHL, but there are only two games playing on the day in question (and you must have a minimum of three on a ticket). In other words, when you don’t really like enough games on a Proline card to fill out a ticket, you’re better off not buying that ticket at all.

  • Keep your parlays to a minimum

    Try to limit your Proline tickets to three games whenever you can, regardless of how little the potential payout is. There is a reason why single-game sports betting isn’t legal in Canada – forcing you to play parlays drastically reduces your chances of winning.

  • Employ a rotation strategy

    Proline rotations are a great way to wager on all the games you like, without making it harder to win. You can still profit by going 3 for 4, or 4 for 5, or even 4 for 6 if you use Proline rotations properly.

  • Take note of tie rules

    When filling out your Proline ticket, be aware of all the details surrounding the tie rules in relation to specific games. This is especially important with games like football, where many NFL games are decided within 3 points. Other games where tie rules can drastically impact your results are hockey – where overtime goals and shootouts aren’t counted, and baseball – where games decided by one run is considered a tie in British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces.

  • Picking too many ties don’t give you better odds

    As seductive as Proline odds look, they don’t come with any consistency. If a tie pays 3.00 (which implies a probability of 33%), your chance of the tie actually taking place is closer to 25%. We’re not saying there is no value in a sensible wager occasionally, just pointing out that when you’re betting parlay tickets, one wrong pick will sully your entire bet.

  • Choose H+ and V+ wisely

    It’s common practice to beef up the jackpot potential when filling out Proline tickets, by taking the H+ and V+ on favourites. But just like tie odds pay more because they’re unlikely to happen, H+ and V+ picks are also stacking the odds against yourself even more than they already are.

  • Don’t vary bet sizes based on recent results

    If you regularly play $2 on your Proline tickets, don’t become tempted to up the wager to $20 after you lose a few in a row. And if you regularly bet $20, don’t increase it to $100 to make up for some recent losses.  Varying your wager sizes is an effective gambling strategy when you do it according to the size of your edge, but it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re only doing it because of how you’ve been doing lately. Bottom line: Stay disciplined!

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