PayPal Casinos

With 100 million active accounts in 190 markets, PayPal is regarded as a frontrunner in electronic wallet services around the world. PayPal is entirely free of charge, thereby making it a very popular choice as an online payment method, gambling deposits included! Note however that the service is limited to countries outside of Canada, Australia and the United States.

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How it works

PayPal uses encryption software to facilitate financial transactions between computers. Therefore, anyone with a valid email address can use the service to:

  • Purchase or sell online goods.
  • Make or receive donations.
  • Exchange cash with others.

Funds can be sent to any email address holder whether or not they have a PayPal account, but they can only access the funds through a PayPal account linked to that email address.

As you would with a pre-paid account, you first have to fund your PayPal account using a credit card or bank transfer. To regulate your spending and keep track of your winnings you can even open a separate PayPal account linked to the bank card used specifically for your online gambling activities.

How to set up a PayPal account

PayPal has made the process of creating a user account extremely easy. You can either go to their website or through or their mobile app, and register as follows:

  1. Click on the "Sign Up for Free" tab.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password.
  3. Submit your personal information as required.
  4. Provide your banking details for the account you wish to use for PayPal.
  5. Verify and activate your account by confirming your email address.
  6. Complete by linking your debit/credit card to PayPal.

How to use PayPal for your casino deposits

Whilst you are logged into the casino’s cashier page, look for the PayPal logo in the suggested payment methods. One clicking on the logo you will automatically be redirected to a page that will ask for your basic information and the required deposit amount. Upon confirming the payment, it will instantly be transferred to your casino account and the transaction will reflect in your PayPal account.

Advantages of using PayPal

  • PayPal guarantees 100% protection against fraud as your personal information is only disclosed during the registration process.
  • PayPal is quick and easy and saves a lot of time.
  • Sending money abroad has never been easier, safer, or more cost effective. It’s literally just the click of a mouse.
  • PayPal allows you to file a dispute if you feel the seller violated your agreement, make sure you save relevant emails etc. to help better resolve your case.
  • PayPal is completely free to use. There are no hidden processing fees or charges.
  • PayPal offers select discount coupons when shopping online.
  • By linking multiple cards / accounts to your PayPal account ensures your purchases will always go through, as PayPal will source through all your available funding methods should one card decline.
  • You can also use PayPal for Casino withdrawals, and the process is equally as simple.
  • PayPal allows you to review your transaction history and monitor your spending habits.
  • Mobile PayPal purchases are pin protected, covering you in case your phone gets stolen.


  • PayPal have the right to immediately and indefinitely freeze your account and hold your money, without your permission, and without proper explanation, if they feel some type of fraud has been committed.

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