Self-Exclusion - Keep Your Gambling Safe

Self-exclusion, or voluntary exclusion, happens when you ask a casino operator to exclude you from gambling with them for a set period of time (anything from six months up to five years), as a proactive means to address problem gambling. In practice, once you have self-excluded, you will then be refused service and prevented from gambling with that casino. Note that this process is available at all casinos – land- or web-based, and is completely voluntary. While the casino will do what they can to help you, the onus always rests on you to take responsibility for your gambling problem.

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Why opt for Self-Exclusion?

If you have difficulty staying away from one or more gambling sites. You notice that your gambling habits are becoming problematic and destructive, while you seek professional help, self-exclusion can help as a preventive measure.

How to Self-Exclude from Online Casinos

  • You will need to contact each of the casinos you wish to self-exclude from individually. This can usually be done on the casino’s “Responsible Gambling” page.
  • As an additional measure, you can download a ‘site blocker’, which will block you from accessing online gambling sites. We recommend Gamblock, Betfilter, and Gamban.
  • If you are battling to find information on self-exclusion, get in touch with your country’s national gambling regulator for assistance.