Pachinko Online Slot

4 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.05 / 40.00
Release Date
1 December 2020

Pachinko Online Slot by Microgaming and Neko Games merges bingo and slot mechanics with the aesthetics of an iconic Japanese pastime to bring you a unique online gaming experience. Four bingo tickets sit above a winding tube where the bingo balls fall. In the background, an Asian mansion stands before towering mountains. The game’s bonus features include free balls and a pick-me game.

Game Symbols

  • There are four available bingo tickets to activate, each of which holds 15 numbers.
  • Your wager will be multiplied by the number of boards to activate; you need all four activated to qualify for the jackpot.
  • When you spin, you will release 30 of 90 available bingo balls into the tube below the tickets. The numbers displayed on the balls will be highlighted on the available tickets to help you form winning patterns. 
  • Once your spin is completed, you can buy extra balls to see if you can complete winning patterns.
  • When choosing an extra ball, you could reveal a wild ball that lets you select any number on a ticket or a free ball that costs you nothing.

Bonus Features

Maneki Neko

Completing an outline pattern that runs around the edge of a board will trigger a special, 5-level pick-me game. Each level holds Maneki Neko beckoning cat figurines, traditionally used to attract good fortune. The fifth level contains 6 figurines and prizes from 10x to 50x. The second level holds 5 figurines and prizes ranging from 50x to 150x. From this level onward, one figurine will conceal an exit sign that will end the bonus game if you choose it.

Levels 3, 4, and 5 have 4, 3, and 2 figurines and maximum prizes of 255x, 450x, and 550x, respectively. Assuming you hit all the maximum prizes in a row and reach the fifth level, you can win a maximum total of 1850x your stake.

Our Verdict

The combination of bingo and slots may seem like an awkward proposal but Microgaming and Neko Games have made it work in Pachinko. The gameplay will be a unique experience for experienced bingo players and novices alike. Winning patterns on the bingo tickets award an array of prizes and the cute Maneki Neko bonus game boosts your potential. You can win a maximum of $200,000 from this game which is a great reason to play in addition to the engrossing gameplay.