PopRocks Online Slot Review

5 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.10 / 30.00
Release Date
7 April 2020

Build a towering grid of sparkling gems and claim a massive prize in PopRocks online slot by Yggdrasil. The scene for this slot is a view of a looming, massive fortress with an overall blue tinge that adds a sinister feeling to the image. The reels themselves are bordered by strange, ornate winged golden carvings that house the game’s multiplier counter and ways-to-win count. The symbols carry through the visual theme with magical-looking gems, all adorned with various embellishments. The gameplay is as unique and arresting as the visual treatment with unconventional bonus features; PopWings and multiplier bonuses allowing you to stretch the reels upwards so you can grab the top win.

Game Symbols

  • The lower-value symbols are 10 to A Asian-style card suit icons.
  • The high-paying symbols are an array of multicoloured, decorated gems.
  • The wild is a yellow gem surrounded by a glowing, blue halo and only appears as part of the bonus game.

Bonus Features


The cascade-style reels start off in a regular 5x3 formation, but as you land winning combos, the symbols disappear and are replaced by 2 additional symbols. This causes the reels on which the winning combos occurred to increase in height by a row and also increases the number of ways to win. The current number of ways to win is displayed to the right of the reels and can increase to a maximum amount of 33 614. For every seventh symbol matched, the multiplier bonus will increase by 1. The current multiplier value is displayed to the left of the reels in an electrified orb.

Once all the reels have increased to their maximum height of 7 rows, the number of ways to win will have increased to its top potential and the game’s bonus mode will activate. A wild symbol will temporarily appear in a random position on the reels and the multiplier is boosted by +2 for every 7 symbols and only 1 symbol will appear in place of the ones that disappear as a result of winning combinations.

Our Verdict

PopRocks slot is a bold departure from the crowd of regular titles you will find across gambling sites and boasts an eye-watering potential maximum win amount. Although the game is a bit vague as to where and how the various gems correlate to any kind of story, Pop Rocks is a slot that finds its strength in the innovation of its features. 

The gameplay is thrilling once you start landing winning combinations and watch the reels grow, and the multiplier feature is also a nice touch and helps you win more, the more you win. The high volatility can feel unkind when you are languishing with a normal game grid and no wins, but once a series of wins kicks off, the energy skyrockets as you approach the top maximum prize of over $2 million. Ultimately this title is a lot of fun when you are winning, and the clever use of cascading reels mechanics makes it a novel experience that any slot enthusiast should definitely look into.