After Voting in Favour of a Strike Casino Regina Staff Ready to Walk

Come 26 July and Casino Regina employees are ready to quit.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) employees are positioned for a legal strike from Friday midnight, as they are unable to negotiate a new contract with the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SGC).

The consent for a strike was “tremendous” as per PSAC.

Marianne Hladun, regional executive vice-president PSAC Prairie Region feels employees of Casino Regina warrant respect.

“SGC has laid out a proposal that is not in line with the increased price rise, and which in reality means a reduction in the salary of these employees who are among Crown Sector’s already lowest-income workers. It just cannot be accepted.”

Improved guidelines for absence from work, proper shift perks and salary increments are some of the changes the employees are looking for.

A resolution between the two sides is what the province is hoping for.

During a release SGC said “The Corporation will not talk about the details of the bargaining process as part of our pledge to bargain in good faith, and SaskGaming holds fast to the process of bargaining with PSAC, and we are sure to arrive at a fair and logical agreement at the bargaining table.”

With the assistance of a mediator, the two parties met in July, but an agreement could not be reached.

Hladun said “We would like to discuss a deal at the negotiating table without the need for any kind of strike.”

“However, our members will do whatever is required to procure a reasonable deal that honors their work as well as the lucrative profits to the economy of the province made from the casino.”

Negotiations have been in process since 2017, after the expiry of the contract on 31 December 2016.