September date set by Gateway for construction of Starlight Casino

One of Canada’s biggest casino operators, Gateway has at last, made known the expansion plans for Starlight Casino - the company’s largest investment in the state of Ontario so far.

The projected cost of the set up is at $75m approximately and is likely to create about 700 permanent jobs.

South West Ontario’s economy to be boosted by Starlight Casino

Starlight with its live entertainment, 40 tables, restaurants and 900 slot machines is way above Gateway’s main project and also an incentive to the economy of the area.

Wonderland Road, the regional downtown, is where the company intends to set up its project and the operator is presently in the process of obtaining the re-zoning permissions and certifications. Immediately upon approval, construction will commence in early September.

Gary McCartney, the Head of London’s Chamber of Commerce feels the location of the site is integral to its commercial achievements. The location was conscientiously decided taking into consideration the possible advantages for both, the residents as well as Gateway.

South West Ontario – Gateway Entertainment hub

Chief marketing and communications officer, Carrie Kormos was forthright about the future strategies of the operator. The present goal is to convert the region into the central hub of hospitality and amusement, with entertainment facilities and family restaurants in the pipeline.

Gateway’s failed attempt in 2017, to improve their Western Fairground casino led to the construction of Starlight in 2019. The 2017 project was unfortunately impeded by bureaucratic red tape, but Starlight casino has risen in its place. Once the new casino is completed, the staff pertaining to Western Fairground will be transferred to Starlight.

Regarding Gateway

Founded in 1992, Gateway Casino & Entertainment slowly blossomed into one of the leading gaming companies of Canada. The operator has in its possession, 27 estates all over British Columbia, Edmonton and Ontario, having around 10,000 staff on its rolls and operating gaming services with several bars, 85 restaurants, countless casino tables, 500 hotel rooms, more than 13,800 gaming machines, etc.

The state’s gambling industry acknowledged the operator’s contribution at the 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit in Alberta where the First Nation Canadian Gaming Awards were given to two of its Casino Rama employees. 

Marketing services director, Lise Kwekkeboom was awarded the Gaming Leadership Award, while Robert Commanda was presented with the Gaming Employee of the Ye