BC Casino Staff Proceed with Strike Plans

The employees of 2 Canadian casinos located in British Columbia, namely Grand Villa and Starlight Casino are going to move ahead with their strike plan. This may lead to a renewed labor unrest just after the stir made by Hard Rock workers made headlines. 

The BCGEU (British Columbian Government and Service Employees’ Union) revealed the decision of the employees by a Twitter post. A majority of the employees voted for the strike. Now, the operators can’t let this escalate given the fact the festive season is just ahead. Or else, the Christmas-time revenues will get hit.

Hard Rock sets new industry standard

Stephanie Smith, the BCGEU president said that the example set by the Hard Rock Casino should be followed by other establishments as far as workplace benefits and wages are concerned. The new contract has led to a salary hike of Hard Rock employees up to 31 percent. They also included benefits like medical aid and pension plans.

Gateway resolves the unrest

Earlier this month, the agitated Gateway Casinos and Entertainment workers reached an agreement with the company management- leading to an end of the strike. After a 19 week long picket, the unionized staff members resumed work after the four-year deal was cleared by the company. 

The deal struck included enhanced workplace benefits and average wage hike up to 23.5%. These are positive developments in the sector, but the BCGEU wants better rights of its members. A lot of things are yet to be improved in the casino industry in Canada.