Responsible Gambling

At we want to make sure that our customers always play only for entertainment. If at any point you feel your gambling habits are becoming a problem, please visit this site for general information or to find a territory specific centre, check below:


Gamblers Anonymous Alberta is a self-supporting, nonprofit entity made for aiding compulsive gamblers from the addiction. It is guided by the 12 Steps of Unity of Gamblers Anonymous and 12 Steps of Recovery.

British Columbia

British Columbia Responsible Gambling and the Multicultural Gamblers Help Program is meant for aiding communities affected adversely by habit of gambling. It deals with people belonging to diverse ethnicities affected by the menace of gambling.


Addictions Foundation of Manitoba helps those people who end up spending too much time and money on gambling and cannot control the addiction. It helps such gamblers find a balance and return to regular life.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick problem Gambling helpline helps gambling addicts to regain control of their life and mind. The helpline offers helpful information and guidance to the gambling addicts anytime.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland Problem Gambling Helpline helps people living in the province addicted to the menace of gambling return to normalcy. The helpline offers apt guidance to them to regain control of their finances and get over their addiction.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Problem Gambling Helpline helps gambling addicts living in the province balance their life and stop spending excessively after gambling. It helps them lead a better life eventually.


The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario offers free and 24x7 services for gambling addicts living in this Canadian province. It offers services in as many as 140 languages.

Prince Edward Island

PEI Problem Gambling Helpline aids gambling addicts in the province to overcome the tendency to overspend after gambling. The counseling and guidance help return them to normalcy.


"Gambling: Help and Referral" is an entity offering gambling addicts in Quebec information and support on menaces of gambling. It also helps them overcome the addiction to overspend money in gambling activities.


Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline helps people addicted to gambling in the province to resume leading normal life. It offers extensive support and guidance for the gambling addicts.