With Woodbine Casino Live Table Games come to Toronto

Gambling has been one of the most favored and popular pastimes for people in Toronto, with the casino industry flourishing in the country and all over the Ontario province. It is true that the scope and the influence that the casino industry of British Columbia has, Toronto is no match for the same. Toronto is developing fast and there are many things to consider when one looks to Toronto-based casinos. 

Many casinos in British Columbia claim that their revenues are down for anti-money laundering rules and regulations. However, the casinos in Ontario and Toronto are showing trends of flourishing. Though it will take a great deal of time and efforts by these casinos to match to the levels of their counterparts in British Columbia. It has been announced in the news lately that Woodbine Casino is going to be the first in Toronto for offering live table games. 

It is being thought that Great Canadian Gaming has collaborated with Woodbine Racetrack for offering  a better and more complete casino experience. Presently, only slots are on offer at the casino. But now the changes have been made via Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and its subsidiary One Toronto Gaming. After getting proper zoning approvals, OTG has got all the necessary permissions for adding table games to slots-only casino. 

Great Canadian Gaming has aimed to bring much better things to online casinos in Ontario including that of Casino Woodbine. The choices will be first made available with Woodbine and the introduction of table gaming would be able to set a new precedent across whole of Toronto and Ontario province. 

It is expected that there will be about 50 live dealer table games offered at Casino Woodbine. This will be the first time live dealer table games which will be made available in the Greater Toronto Area. This new development comes with many new prospects in the area, including hundreds of new jobs along with huge amounts of casino revenue at the same time. 

Early in this year there was news of planned Woodbine expansion, which was expected to be completed in 2022. This would bring C$30M to Toronto annually. With the addition of table gaming in the casino, players might enjoy the games much before the scheduled time and revenues would also pour in quickly. 

However, the OTG will not only stop at table games. There will be addition of more than 300 new slot machines, which will make the casino more popular and larger. Along with the games, more job opportunities will be created in the area. This will boost the economy of Toronto significantly. 

With second-quarter results, it looks like Great Canadian Gaming is aiming to become the dominant force in Canadian casino industry. This is a major development and will open up many doors and avenues for casino gaming all across Ontario. Along with growth of the casino industry, the area will also receive economic boost.