Fortress Charge: Reel Quest Online Slot

Crazy Tooth Studio
6 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.10 / 15.00
Release Date
11 June 2020

Fortress Charge: Reel quest online slot is another innovative title from the Microgaming / Crazy Tooth Studios partnership. The slot has a fantasy theme where various warriors make their way through a series of enemies and obstacles to reach a prize-laden fortress. The game has the look of a fantasy video game with imaginatively illustrated characters and objects enhanced by entertaining animations that are triggered when they interact. There are no special features, but the slot includes multipliers and instant wins.

Game Symbols

  • The heroes are a beast, a dragon, an elf, a dwarf, and a knight. If any of these symbols land on the reels, they advance to the right, towards a fortress that occupies the last space on the reel.
  • There are 3 different types of fortress symbols which award various multiplier prizes, if the hero reaches them.
  • The hero may also encounter a 2x symbol which applies a multiplier to your win.
  • The chest symbol awards a random cash prize
  • Empty platform symbols allow the hero to advance one space to the right, unencumbered.
  • The accessory symbols are a Fire potion, a spear, a wooden shield, a metal shield, and a magic wand which allow you to defeat specific villains.
  • The villains, which stand in between the hero and the fortress, are an ogre, a scorpion, wooden spikes, a boulder, and a gorgon.

Bonus Features

There are no bonus features with the game’s Reel Adventure mechanic providing all the excitement.

Our Verdict

Fortress Charge: Reel Quest slot is an odd departure from the usual slots you might encounter, but its central mechanic gives it enough charm to make it a compelling play. From the outset, the differences between this and other titles are glaring. Instead of winning with symbol combinations, your character goes on a mini-quest and if the right sequence of items appears before them, they will reach the fortress and your prize. This makes for a novel experience and you will barely notice the lack of traditional special features like free spins as there is a myriad of potential different combinations of symbols that could appear before you, creating a short adventure story of sorts.

The game’s high volatility unfortunately means that you may wait for a few spins before you land a hero and the likelihood of reaching the fortress is even lower. This slot is extraordinary in how different it is and worth a spin for the experience if nothing else.

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