Ever Wondered How Much Casino Managers Earn?

A casino manager is entrusted and responsible for producing and coordinating a system where Gamers and customers win on a regular enough basis in order to earn and return their investment, whilst making sure that the gambling and gaming establishment makes their profit too.

Casino managers are responsible for making sure all the games that are played and enjoyed by the customers are government regulated. They also have the responsibility for making sure that the customers are happy and satisfied. In all Managerial positions, you will find the unsatisfied customer with complaints and remorse, the casino manager must be able to deal with these situations in a professional and politically correct manner, this is a valuable aptitude to have in the skillset and toolbox of a casino manager.

Casino Manager - up to $149,000

Monte Carlo Casino Manager

Monte Carlo Casino Manager

Casino Managers Responsibilities & Requirements

Research and data show that a casino manager at the highest level that directs operations and oversees all the other managers can receive $86,000 annually on average, with bonuses and promotions it is possible to earn an annual salary up to $149,000.

The role of a Casino manager is to include and ensure that the gambling establishment operates under the regulations of the government.

They need to keep with the times and make sure that any new regulations are implemented or update any regulations that may change. Casino managers must make sure that the casino makes a profit as well as manage the finances of the casino.

They need to keep with the times and make sure that any new regulations are implemented or update any regulations that may change. Casino managers must make sure that the casino makes a profit as well as manage the finances of the casino.

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This position includes the following key responsibilities;

  • monitoring the gaming floor area
  • moving and circulating amongst the different tables and games to ensure that everything runs smoothly, effectively, and efficiently
  • Duty to hire necessary employees and fire or retrench necessary employees
  • prepare and schedule all the shifts of the staff making sure that all the game tables are occupied with dealers and staff.
  • obligated to review all budgets, finances, and expenditures of the casino

Security is a big concern for gambling establishments, and it is up to the casino manager to ensure the safety of consumers and the casino by hiring security staff and security managers.

The Casino Manager needs to be aware of all the different types of strategies and trickeries of the various gambling games that the casino provides and they must always be aware and ready to spot any suspected cheaters and make sure that they are removed from the establishment in an orderly fashion with the help of security.

It is important that the casino manager makes sure that the VIP or ‘high roller ‘clients are pleased and content with all the services of the casino, therefore Casino manager work closely with the hotel division and directs the provision of complimentary rooms in the hotel.

They direct the hotel staff to send complimentary meals and drinks to their most valuable guests and clients.

Casino managers must also make sure that all the staff are happy and satisfied in order to ensure that all the clientele are happy.

Requirements for this role include;

  • a bachelor’s degree in hotel management
  • to be educated in finance management or accounting

As in any industry, it is vital to work your way from the bottom up to learn the in’s and out’s of the industry, most casino managers have been dealers or lower leveled staff in their past trudging their way to the top.

If a casino manager position tickles your fancy and you feel this is an occupation you can handle it is highly recommended that you have sufficient experience. It is vital as a casino manager to have a set of skills under their belt and up their sleeves.

Skills that all Casino Managers should acquire;

  • People skills are one of these skills
  • Fantastic management and customer service intuition
  • Mathematical operations are a must in this line of work

Long hours accompanied by stress are part of the job and a casino manager must without a doubt be able to handle these conditions. Generally, a Casino Manager works a minimum of 60 hours a week during the peak hours of the casino which is generally nighttime, holidays, and weekends.

They are required to manage Live Dealer Casinos as well as events and tournaments. Casino managers are often required to create new opportunities and strategies for the casino.

A casino manager directs and supervises all operations of the casino. This is the most important position within the casino and gambling establishment and requires the most responsibility.

Depending on the size of the casino, a casino manager who is generally the director of operations may need to delegate and employ subordinate casino managers. Other casino managerial positions include Shift Managers, Internal Auditors who manage data of the casino’s operations, security managers, and slot managers.

All these positions have a great salary attached to them and have the possibility of earning more with bonuses. It really all depends on the size and popularity of a specific casino resort or establishment. Maybe, if you feel like exploring the world a little more and you have some good experience under your belt, you could always apply for a casino manager position on a cruise ship.

We have explored the requirements, education, and needed skills of a casino manager, let us take a closer look at what these other managerial positions require and the earning possibility of each position.

Shift Manager - up to $70,000 per year

Encore Wynn Las Vegas

Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas | © Pinterest

Shift Managers Responsibilities & Requirements

A Shift Manager has its responsibilities that are extremely important. As a Shift Manager, the skill lies in the personal interaction department, making sure that the casino clients are happy.

By interacting with them and ensuring that the casino policies and regulations are upheld thoroughly and professionally, a good repour can be built with the casino patrons, thus paving the way to a premium experience for the clientele.

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The shift manager will also find that it is their responsibility to focus on the following;

  • ensuring all is smooth-sailing on the gaming floor area
  • supervising staff personally as well

It is required that you have at least the following minimum requirements;

  • three to four years experience as a manager
  • a degree in hospitality, business management, financial management, and even an accounting degree/diploma is optimum

As a shift manager you can expect an annual salary of roughly $51, 000 a year, and should you be able to land a position that offers bonuses or incentives, this too can increase up to around $70,000.

Internal Auditor or Data manager - up to $80,000 per year

casino audits

Internal Auditor Responsibilities

Internal Auditor Responsibilities & Requirements

The position of an Internal Auditor or Data manager is twofold;

  • Includes managing the data of the casino’s procedures and operations
  • Inspecting or examining fraudulent elements and failures of compliances

Due to the nature of the business, auditing work continues as long as the gaming establishment is alive and open, this means that auditing would need to be accomplished during night shifts and weekend shifts.

In this line of work and position, the minimum requirements would be;

  • a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
  • a certified Internal Auditors or Certified Public Accountants certificate

For the position of an Internal auditor or manager, you could anticipate an average salary of $54,500 per year but once again with bonuses, you could reach the earning capacity of a raise in salary to $80,000 per year.

Security Manager - up to $62,500 per annum

Casino security

Security protecting players at the casino | © dwbikeclub.com

Security Manager Responsibilities & Requirements

This is, of course, an extremely important position within the gaming and gambling industry. This involves managing all the security staff and personnel within the establishment, keeping security and safety at the forefront of all dealings.

The position of a security manager is of utmost importance, as these are the main criteria for a good security manager;

  • Intent on protecting gamblers, clients, staff, and property of the casino
  • Able to spot any kind of cheating that may take place
  • Handle any situation delicately and professionally without causing any alarm
  • Set an example that such behavior will not be tolerated in the casino

This profession holds the following minimum requirements;

  • A Degree in Criminal Justice of Business
  • Experience in the field of security work.
  • A certified permit
  • A CPR certification

A security manager can earn up to $62,500 per annum and with bonuses, it is possible to earn up to $111,000 per year.

Casino Property General Manager - up to $200,000 annually

Encore Wynn Las Vegas

Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas | © Pinterest

Casino Property General Manager Responsibilities & Requirements

A Casino Property General Manager is responsible for everything and everyone inside of the casino. As the general manager of the casino, you would need to oversee all operations and manage all the staff personnel.

It is the general manager’s duty to ensure that all services within the casino are met with the highest quality and expertise

When considering applying for the position of a Casino Property General Manager, you should be sure to have the following requirements met;

  • at least 12 years experience in the casino and gambling industry
  • experience in casino management The casino property general manager is the highest-paid managerial position, offering a juicy salary of $200,000 annually.

Statistics and data have informed us that around 25% of professionals in this field have the potential of earning up to $ 285,000 a year.

Slots Operations Manager - up to $79,000 a year

Slots machines

Slot machines| © Carl Raw

Slots Operations Manager Responsibilities & Requirements

The casino floor can get quite busy with ambitious gamblers and there might not be time for a general manager or a shift manager to fulfill the needs of the clients in the slot machine department.

In order to alleviate this dilemma came the position of the Slot Operations manager.

This position is responsible for the following;

  • all the ongoing operations within the slot department
  • to review all the slot machines making sure that they are all in working order
  • ensuring all slot machines are serviced and maintained on a regular basis
  • overseeing and supervising all personnel that works in the slot machine department

Minimum requirements needed to secure this type of position are as follows;

  • a high school diploma
  • four to five years experience in the gambling world.

A slot operations manager can earn $79,000 a year. Expert slot operations managers can fall into the top 25%, and could easily earn and receive more than $100,000 a year.

Cruise Ship Casino Manager - up to $72,000 per annum

Cruise ship casinos

Cruise Ship Casino require Casino Manager

Cruise Ship Casino Manager Manager Responsibilities & Requirements

Perhaps you tick all the above boxes but are looking for something new and exciting in your life, or wanting to gain experience in the same field but that has a slightly different element to it, you should then maybe consider looking for a Casino managerial position upon a luxury cruise liner.

A Casino manager on a cruise ship is responsible for the following;

  • directly supervising and supporting the performance of the subordinate casino operation positions, such as Cashiers, Slot Technicians, Assistant Casino Managers, Cash Deck managers, and Casino senior supervisors.
  • maintaining and creating a very entertaining environment that captures the passenger’s attention.
  • keeping the clientele charmed and fascinated.
  • To oversee and train new and old staff members on day-to-day operations.

It is important that Casino Managers keep their wits about them and supervise all the dealers aboard.

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Requirements for the position of a Cruise Ship Casino Manager would include;

  • a high school diploma, at least
  • strong Managerial skills
  • good knowledge of the English language (written and spoken)
  • a second language would be advantageous
  • experience on a cruise ship would be preferable
  • three to four years managerial experience in either an upmarket casino or hotel

Preferred additional requirements for top-notch casinos include;

  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management
  • Business administration from an accredited college or university.

With the above-mentioned competency, the position would be eligible for earning up to $6000 per month or $ 72,000 per annum, excluding bonuses and tips from passengers aboard.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is without a doubt a great move, to look towards a career in entertainment via the casino world. There is not only a wealth of experiences to be had but when it all comes down to it, there is also a wealth of money to be made. If you consider yourself to be a go-getter, someone that has vision, as well as a propensity toward people, then this is a role you can easily fulfill.

Casino managers, along with their team of assisting managers and team workers, lead interesting lives, rife with various experiences. There is always an opportunity to enjoy meeting so many different people, creating lasting relationships with regular patrons and more.

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