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Paul De Freitas

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We recently spoke with Eteri Terashvili from Smartsoft Gaming to find out more about this exciting software gaming provider.

PD: Can you tell us a little bit about your company Smartsoft Gaming?

ET: Smartsoft has been operating since 2015. we have a team with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We are making our products based on our users and their needs. Our games are top-rated, but we are proud of JetX - one of the highlights of the game category we invented - X games.

Jetex slot game

PD: Which was your first game you produced and why did you choose this theme?

ET: Our first games were mainly board games and card games, mostly because Georgians love playing cards, which is part of our culture.

PD: How do you decide on what game specs to use when developing a new slot game?

ET: We see the market requirements and trends, and coming from other peoples experiences and new insights.

PD: What is the most popular slot game you have produced?

ET: Our most popular slot games are Samurai and Appolo, but it depends on time. The most popular ones are constantly changing their places.

PD: Do you have any other interesting facts or info you would like to share with us?

ET: An interesting fact about us is that we never stop growing and improving ourselves.

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