Seven 7's Online Slot

6 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.20 / 10.00
Release Date
18 February 2020

The Seven 7’s online slot game is yet another title featuring a unique concept and quirky mechanics from Crazy tooth Studios on Microgaming’s developer platform. The visual presentation is a throwback to a bygone –era. The game’s initial, single reel sits against a background of lush, velvety draping and curvy, bronze detailing. This intriguing title features free spins, wild multipliers and expanding reels to help you hit the max payout.

Game Symbols

The unique concept of this slot means that there are only 3 symbols:

  • The classic BAR symbol holds no value and cannot form part of winning combinations, acting effectively as a blocker.
  • The 7 is used to form winning combination and also doubles as the game’s free spins symbol
  • The 2x multiplier wild symbol substitutes for 7’s and doubles your winnings.

Bonus Features

Expanding Reels / Free Spins

As mentioned before, you start off with a single reel. Successfully landing a 7 symbol locks the reel in place and the game will add another reel and a free spin. With each successive spin that results in the appearance of a 7 (or multiplier wild) the game will add an additional reel, up to a maximum of 7. Getting seven 7’s on 7 reels is your path to the game’s maximum payout.

Multiplier Wilds

  • If the 2x multiplier wild symbol lands on the reels, it stands in for a 7, allowing the reels to expand and double your winnings.

Our Verdict

Seven 7’s is perfectly in line with Crazy tooth’s risk-taking history. The slot’s concept is unique to a point where its initial novelty almost overshadows the actual experience of playing the game to win. Getting the game’s maximum prize is no mean feat of good fortune, as it requires that you land a successive series of 7’s and multiplier wilds, over seven spins. 

That being said, the slot is well presented, enjoyable, and possesses an alluring quirkiness in gameplay and design. There isn’t much to do except spin and hope for 7’s, but with each successive 7 symbol bringing you bigger and bigger prizes, even if you don’t unlock all seven reels, you could still walk away with a sizeable prize on a single spin. The game’s volatility is high, but the 25 000x your bet jackpot means that is unlikely to deter punters hungry for a big win.