The Complete Guide to God of Fire Online Slot Game and How It Can Help With Your Budgeting

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God of Fire Ultraways

It can be daunting and at times confusing to choose an online casino that is trustworthy and secure with interactive and attractive games. You can rely on us to provide you with the latest information and feedback regarding online gambling. A2Z Casinos has been reviewing and evaluating various casino sites and online games, including slot machines, for years now, providing users with the most reliable information possible.

This time we are looking into the most popular and frequently played type of casino game - slot machines, particularly at the God of Fire. Online slot machines come in different types: 3-reel, 5-reel, video slots, and progressive jackpots. Every slot game is different, with special symbols, bonuses, and return-to-player percentage.

What Is the God of Fire Online Slot Game and How Does it Work?

Attractiveness, profitability, and versatility are the main features of online slots games that welcome hundreds of new players. Although it is hard to find a casino game that meets the description, we have found the perfect match!

A2Z presents to you an online slots game that is constantly sought-after in every online casino by many gaming enthusiasts - God of Fire. Developed by the infamous software providers Microgaming and Northern Lights Gaming, this slots game teleports you to the times of ancient Greece. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you might have heard of Hephaestus, the god of fire, who was cast into exile by his parents, Hera and Zeus, and brought back to heaven to become a blacksmith for both deities and mortals.

The God of Fire online slot game stands out from the rest thanks to its countless paylines and payout percentage. You can expect to land a winning pattern as the game offers over 60 million ways for you to earn money.

Moreover, you can try to play the slots game for free before betting real money. Even when making a bet, you will have regular and super free spins available.

Game Tutorial

God of fire Ultraways tutorial

Free slots: no download, no registration

God of Fire is a 5-reel slot that has a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum of $50. The return-per-play rate varies from 94.07% to 96%. Its volatility is high, meaning the pay rate is rare but generous.

The God of Fire online slot game has various symbols you should know before betting real money. You should align a pattern or have certain symbols on the reels in order to land a winning.

On the reels, you will notice symbols of different quantities: singles, doubles, and quads. After a spin, you will get a blue Wild symbol that explores and reveals one of the quantities. The regular Wild symbols are matched with other characters to complete a win. Two Bonus symbols reward you with a super free token to collect and use later in the game.

The symbols containing letters are the low-paying ones, while the rest are high-paying symbols:

  • A vase
  • A pillar
  • A helmet
  • Hephaestus

The Benefits of Playing the God of Fire Online Slot Game

If you want to play any casino games, including online slots, you need to register on a casino site. A2Z has a list of reliable online casinos whose main priority is to protect your personal information and deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.

God of Fire features lots of symbols that can give you marvelous bonuses when appearing on the reels. Here is the list of all features you can enjoy during the game:

Exploding Wilds

God of Fire Ultraways - Wild Symbol

In the game, you have regular Wilds and blue ones. Whenever the blue Wild lands on the reel, it explodes and reveals a single, double, or quad Wild symbol, and it can also pop into another blue Wild, which will keep revealing the next characters. As a bonus for every blue Wild, you receive free spins or super free spins.

Free Spins

God of Fire Ultraways - Bonus SymbolFree Spin bonus is activated when you land 3 to 5 Laurel Wreath Bonus symbols. This symbol is a scatter and can appear only in the base game.

  • 3 Bonus symbols award you with free spins with 3 lives
  • 4 Bonus Symbols award you with free spins with 4 lives
  • 5 Bonus Symbols award you with free spins with 5 lives

God of Fire Ultraways Heart Symbol

God of Fire Ultraways Skull Symbol

Available free spins end when you lose all lives. You can also land a symbol of a skull which means you lose a life. In contrast, you can land a symbol of a heart that gives you one life.

Super Free Spins

Whenever you land 2 Laurel Wreath Bonus symbols, you immediately get a token. Once you collect 60 of them, you will be able to use super free spins with a random number of lives. The value of wins can be multiplied up to 20 times.

How to Play & Win on a Free Demo Account at a Realistic Casino Site

If you wish to play the God of Fire slot machine for fun, you can do so on a casino site too. A2Z forwards you to the Casoo casino, where you can search for the game, click on it, and play free slots without downloading anything. It is very convenient when you want to practice your skills, find games that you like the most, and simply enjoy the gaming experience.

Once you are sure you would like to make your first bet, Casoo casino gives you an attractive welcome bonus of $3000. It helps you to get acquainted with the website and its casino games. The free money can be spent on playing God of Fire and other slot machines.

VIP Player Perks and How You Can Benefit from Becoming a Loyal Fan

God of Fire is the best casino game for both beginners and experienced players because it is easy to learn and play. You have to align no complicated combinations; actually, there are over 60 million ways to win, so remembering them is a mission impossible. Make sure to keep your lives full during free spins and super free spins to yield the most wins.

You can also join a casino’s VIP program because the more often you spin God of Fire, the more rewards you will receive from the program in the future. The rewards can include free deposits, faster withdrawal, special points, or coins to purchase boosts. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before joining the VIP program.

Reasons Why Gamers Love Playing the God of Fire Slot Machine!

The God of Fire online slot game offers an interactive and exciting experience. It has lots of features that enhance your odds and value of winning and has endless payout lines. Combined with the welcome bonus, weekly rewards, and in-game free spins, you will never get bored playing it.

As a rule, always limit your budget to what you can actually afford to spend before starting a game. You should remember to gamble responsibly and never try to win back the money you spent because it may lead to unfortunate consequences.

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