Tips and Tricks to Unlock Online Casino Secrets – What the Pro’s don’t Want You to Know

It may seem as if professional casino players would have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve to conceal some of the most valuable secrets to instantly better anyone’s gaming experience. Luckily our team of experts dove in deep to all corners of the renowned online casinos of the internet and came back with the key to Pandora’s Box. We share with you some informative tips to change your world of online gambling with a top list of some of the most prestigious online casinos. Let's discover the secret to change your gaming world below. 

VIP Membership – Rewards Program – Loyalty Club

VIP membership more often than not, tends to scare smaller players away. Casino members generally look past VIP memberships mainly because they sound elite or perhaps out of your league. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to improve your chances of obtaining VIP status. 

Now generally, VIP or Loyalty programs vary from one casino to the next however they all have the same basic structure. The more players spend on a regular basis, the more points they earn. These points can be traded in for either bonus discounts, promotional hampers, cash backs and general perks that are otherwise unavailable as part of the standard casino membership. In some instances, online casinos go as far as gifting their VIP members with extravagant prizes such as paid holidays, tickets and accommodation to the world’s hottest events, luxury cruises and even a personal casino manager specifically allocated to you at your disposal whenever needed. These kinds of rewards are for serious high rollers and although achievable, it would mean you would have to be a loyal member and spend all your coins in one place. 

How these reward systems work is that players would need to deposit a minimum amount of money on a regular basis. The more money deposited, the higher the ranking and bigger the reward returns are. If players are serious about unlocking casino secrets and are willing to go the extra mile, they would most certainly benefit from VIP membership. Before just assuming the casino will pick up how much you are spending, make sure to read the terms and conditions and choose to play solely at one casino so as to up your spending and earn a spot amongst the pros. Players will discover a whole new side to both the casino and the experience of gambling online. 


If you are looking for a rush, and something that you cannot seem to find at the tables at your favourite online casinos, look into tournaments set up for players like yourself. Online casino tournaments unlock an entire new level of excitement as well as hold the promise of some serious cash winning. There are buy-ins which players are required to pay in order to play, thereafter you will be seated amongst professional players who are simply looking to uncover a new high or a new casino secret hidden like a gem. 

These tournaments are scheduled for a specific date and you can choose which date is best suited, giving you ample time to brush up on your skills in a fight to the end. 

But here is what your opponents really don’t want you to know. 

Play free games before booking a tournament. This will allow you the freedom to exercise your skills while saving hard earned cash for the big pot on the table at the end of the tournament.Free casino games also give you a sense of self confidence which is needed when playing tournaments. 

Know Your Games RTP

Return to player percentages is essential when selecting games to play for profit. The RTP is the percentage of wagered cash that will be paid back to the player, not definitely, but upon a win. The higher the RTP, the better the potential cash out will be for a winning combination. By choosing games with lower return rates would ultimately mean that players will receive less when they finally land a winning combination. Players can usually see the RTP’s in the gaming description but if not, do a little research beforehand. If you see a game you like, do a background check on it before spending money aimlessly. Also look for recommended games, that’s where you want your money to go and to get your money’s worth if you are aiming for loyalty points. 

Stay in the Loop

Join casino forums, news groups and newsletters. All of these provide casino players with vital information regarding tournaments, bonuses, new online casinos and even reviews. It’s also a great place to seek advice or get information regarding fraudulent casinos. Players can interact with one another and share tips on gaming strategies which prove helpful when playing for real cash. 

Most seasoned professional players wouldn’t say where they get their information, but if you can find a helpful source of news you will most likely stumble upon a few pro players’ names. 

Live casino chats are also a great source of information where casino staff is thoroughly trained to answer any questions players might have. Before making a costly mistake like depositing a large sum of your bankroll into a game you had the incorrect information on, rather use the live support chat option to answer any queries you may have. 

Playing like a pro doesn’t mean spending copious amounts of cash at online casinos, it’s about playing wisely and knowing what you are doing. By simply gathering as much information as you can on the casino, the games it offers and the various bonuses up for grabs, players are a step ahead of the game and will learn so much essential information vital to their gaming ventures. Become a part of a gambling community that will grow your bankroll just as it grows you. Ultimately, play like a pro and you will eventually become one. 

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