The Ultimate Guide to Social Casino Games in 2019

Most of those reading this article will have some form of love for gambling. In some shape or form. Most people reading this will also be some kind of social media account holders. Now, blend them together, what do you see? Social gambling! It was to be expected that these two would ultimately join together, but do social casinos and slots really reach a new level of entertainment? We will be giving you a tutorial on social casino gaming, so fasten your seat belt and settle down.

What is really meant by Social Gambling?

First and foremost, you should know that, social casinos normally don’t permit playing in real cash. If you want to play in free mode, you’ll get free coins to use. Like you would play at a real online casino in free mode.

Some of the popular social casino games can be played on your tablet, mobile or smart phone by downloading an app. Of course, free of charge.

Download free casino social slots to your mobile with a 24x7 total convenience

The best part is, as there is no real money involved, you can play a social slots game for fun without the fear of getting addicted to gambling in any way. These social gaming casinos have become an international rage, played by all and sundry including Facebook users, though there is no actual money riding on it.

What is so appealing about them?

You may be wondering why they are so alluring. We believe you should comprehend the definition of social gambling first and it is what we’ve already mentioned.

Now, you don’t have to spend a penny out of your hard earned money to play a social casino or social slot. May be you’re not being rewarded for your wins, but if you’re just playing for the excitement of matching symbols, then perhaps a social casino encounter is what you’d really like.

Players from the U.S. may also find social slots casinos quite appealing as they have very stringent gambling laws. There are social casinos like Slotomania and House of Fun. And of course this includes other countries as well.

Another thing about playing at a social slot casino is, you can often share your wins on social media. So, in case there are other family members or friends who are also into playing these games, you can post each win to see who gets the most wins. It’s not compulsory though many apps provide this preference. Thus, if you are a keen player of free slots, social casino gaming could be the answer.

Will I eventually have to pay up?

Most of the social casino apps are ‘download free’ as well as to play free. You also get to win bonus coins on joining, without having to deposit them. However, is there any possibility that you’ll have to pay some day? Now, that’s a really good question.

These app developers need to also make money, so some apps may have an option of ‘in-app purchase’. This could most probably be to unlock more games or for the purchase of extra coins. Similar to the functioning of most other normal gaming apps.

Social Casinos to try out

Guess by now you are completely hooked, so here’s a list of social casinos for you to try, without any deposit.

Billionaire Casino: This has other games along with the social slots. You’ll therefore, get to play social casino games viz. Video Poker, Blackjack and Roulette.

House of Fun: Another giant of a social casino where you don’t have to deposit any money to play. It boasts over 180 games while continuously adding new ones.

Slotomania: It’s a free social casino app for downloading. It attracts a 5 million player count per month and supports a huge amount of social slots as well.

You can download these social casinos on Android as well as iOS and they operate in much the similar manner. You need to just visit Google Play Store or the App Store to learn more about it.

Are there social casinos with real money involved

Now that you have asked, yes there is.  You can check Chumba Casino which does offer you the opportunity of winning cash rewards similar to a real money online casino. Here you don’t have to download any app to play. You need to directly log into their mobile casino through your web browser.

You need to deposit for playing their online slots, but you can also enter, free of charge, their sweepstakes. You get free sweepstakes without any deposit whatsoever while registering.

Though mainly concentrated on the U.S. market, they are accessible to other international players as well. And in case you’re wondering what a sweepstake is, well they are nothing, but trade promotions with prizes to be won. You should really visit a casino to see how it works first hand.

Are they similar to real online casinos?

To be very frank only you can tell. Of course, if you’re looking for real time money then there’s no comparison to talk of and you can visit our reviews of online casinos to assist you better.

If you’re not the betting kind and just looking out for clean, wholesome fun then make haste to your app store and explore. However, if you still can’t figure out what is social casino gambling. It is just a way for you to play millions of thrilling casino games and slots, without any real monetary deal.