2021 lines up to be the most profitable year ever for US casinos

Despite the economic ravages of the ongoing global pandemic, casinos in the US have recorded their best second quarter in history, taking in an eye-watering $13.6 billion. This indicates that the industry may be firmly on track to achieve its best year in history, with gamblers emerging from lockdowns to return to their favorite in-person gaming table and slot machines experiences.

Current projections appear to put the industry on the path to surpass the $43.6 billion it grossed nationally in 2019, which was the industry’s best year ever, as said by the Associated Press. The first six months of 2021 have already seen the industry take in $25 billion.


The removal of capacity restrictions in 25 states that have commercial casinos has seen gaming floors re-open again to hordes of eager customers. Twenty-two of these states noted a second-quarter increase in revenue, in comparison to 2019’s second-quarter takings. Nineteen states additionally outdid their 2019 January through June performances.

The reason that 2019’s figures feature so heavily in official comparisons is that 2020’s numbers were heavily impacted by coronavirus lockdowns, necessitated by global spikes in infections.

Means and motivation

The combination of the nationwide vaccination campaign and the stimulus checks that many citizens have received has given gamblers across the country the opportunity to get back into their favorite pastime, free of restrictions and with some cash in hand.

Gene Brandon of Ridgefield, Connecticut spoke to the Associated Press and said that now that he is vaccinated, he plans on visiting casinos again. He revealed that before the pandemic; he regularly visited casinos twice a month.

When going now, I still mask-up to reduce the chance of inadvertently contracting and transmitting to those that are not vaccinated, especially those under 12,” he said.

Mike Wolk Sr. of Sewell, N. J., stated that he is fully inoculated and that despite his diabetes and prostate cancer, he puts in 8 hours, once a week at casino poker tables.

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