5 Lucky Charms for Winning at Casinos

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Most people would agree that they only visit casinos for the entertainment, but as we all know, if you could win some cash in the process, it simply makes the experience worth so much more. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people try everything to increase their luck before going to a casino or logging in on their casino accounts online. In fact, some of these lucky charms have become popular among casino players, which is what we look at in the article below. The list of top 5 lucky casino charms isn’t categorised in any way, but is sure to grab your attention and possibly bring you some luck of your own the next time you make your way to your favorite slots or table games.

Let's have a look at each.

4 Leaf Clovers

4 leaf cloverPossibly the most popular form of a lucky charm, the 4-leaf clover has become an iconic symbol of luck for the Irish. Getting your hands on a 3-leaf clover is easy enough, but it’s believed these don’t mean much when it comes to luck. It might take you a while to find a 4-leaf clover, but they do indeed exist. The great part about these special clovers is that they bring luck to all aspects of your life, not just when it comes to casinos and gambling. In fact, the 4 leaf clover stands for love, faith, hope and luck, which simply adds to its overall value. To find one of these, you might need to spend some time in a clover field simply because the odds are 1 in 10,000. 

Should you be lucky enough to find one of these though, be sure to keep it on you when you visit the casino. The best place to keep it is in your wallet in order to bring luck with you wherever you go while also placing some luck on your money. 

Finding a Heads-Up Coin

Heads up coinFinding valuable coins has proven to be yet another popular source of luck. However, it gets a little more complex than just finding a random coin. The lucky side of this find clearly states that the coin needs to be face-up, as a face-down coin is believed to bring the opposite of good luck and fortune. Sure, finding a coin these days might be tricky, but it’s well worth keeping an eye out for it while you’re walking about. It doesn’t matter what type of coin it is or its value, as long as it’s face-up, you might just have some good reason to visit the casino.

Should you find a lucky coin, be sure not to ever use it. Instead, keep it on you as you would with the clover leaf. The wallet is yet again a popular choice, but don’t mix it up with your other coins as you might just end up using the lucky coin without knowing. 


Lucky horseshoeThe luck of a horseshoe is one of the most well-known symbols for all forms of good fortune and warding off evil spirits. It all stems from a tale that originates from primitive goblins that feared metal weapons and iron possessed by their enemies. Therefore, people used these horseshoes as a way to ward off goblins, bad luck and evil spirits by hanging these on their doors.

Horseshoes are quite big and heavy, making it difficult to carry with you while playing casino games. Luckily, there are a few alternatives, including a smaller replica that’s produced from an actual horseshoe. You can also get key rings of horseshoes that are made from the same iron, giving you the same benefits. If you’re a fan of online casinos, simply get a horseshoe and hang it up in your house. This ensures all forms of bad luck doesn’t enter your home, giving you the opportunities to play your favourite games and having luck on your side when it comes to activating the biggest bonus features and jackpot winnings. 


DreamcatcherDreamcatchers are another brilliant example of bringing good luck to your life while keeping away negatively and evil spirits. Dreamcatchers were created by Native Americans who used it to provide protection from incoming danger while they sleep. Today, the thought of a dreamcatcher has become one of goof luck and fortune. There are many forms of dreamcatchers and various sizes, making it easy to find one that best suits your desires.

Most recommend having a dreamcatcher with you at all times as it wards off evil and bad luck even when you’re awake. Luckily, you can get your hands on a smaller dreamcatcher that can be added as a keychain. When you go to the casino, keep it on you at all times, giving you the added benefit of positive thoughts, a clear mind and good luck. 

Beginners Luck

Players beginners luckWe’ve all heard that new players at casinos tend to have the most luck. There might not be specific reasons behind it, but at the same time, there’s no denying it either. However, having luck for just the first time you visit a casino may seem a little limited, but there is a way to boost your luck from time to time.

If you know of someone who wants to visit the casino for the first time, be sure to join them and show them around. It’s believed that the luck of a new player would end up giving you additional luck as well. These lucky “charms” might be hard to find after you’ve gone to the casino with your friends who haven’t played in the past, but from time to time, you might just be lucky enough to come across a lucky new player who’s looking for someone experienced to show them around. 


Even though new players seem to be the luckiest, but hard to find each time you want to visit the casino, you’ll find each of the other lucky charms are well worth looking into and trying out. To find out what charm works best for you; attempt to test each one individually as you may just find lady luck on your side. 

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