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The Jet X slot machine has been making the rounds around the e-gaming community in 2021 as one of the better progressive jackpot casino slots in recent years. Those who have tried their hand at a few Jet X games know just how much fun it can be. As the New Year rolls around, now might be the perfect time to get acquainted with this gem of a title and take a shot at winning the prized jackpot!

What Is a Jet X Slot and How to Play It?

The Jet X slot machine is a fairly new title developed by Smartsoft Gaming and released in 2019. It is a breath of fresh air in the casino slots niche, as it completely does away with the overused mechanics of reels and symbols and implements a simplistic yet addictive gameplay loop of betting on the flight time of an airplane. Visually, it is reminiscent of old-school Atari or SNES games, so if you like to dabble in retro gaming every now and then, the Jet X online slot should definitely strike your fancy.

The entire game revolves around guessing the multiplier at which the plane will crash. As the jet gains altitude, the multiplier increases until the inevitable crash. At its core, the game is a graphic visualization of an RNG (random number generator), so the moment of the plane’s destruction is predetermined before it takes off.

Players can place multiple bets on the exact multiplier at which the plane will crash. The entire point is to cash out before the plane erupts in flames. Basically, all Jet X games are the proverbial games of “chicken”: will you take a risk and aim for a high multiplier, or chicken out and play it safe by cashing out early? One key element of Jet X is the fact that you play simultaneously with thousands of other players, and you can see them deciding to cash out in a tab next to the game’s main screen, which adds depth and a certain amount of pressure to each round.

Jet X Online Game Review

As we stated in our full-length Jet X slot machine review, the timed wagering premise of the Jet X casino game and its inherent simplicity feel fresh and innovative. The online gambling sphere is overflowing with online slots with ever-increasing complexity, so it is really nice to have a game that is really only dependent on two things: your luck and nerves of steel. The Atari-esque graphics also help establish an old-school, “just-have-fun” vibe.

Players who like a more complex slot will likely bounce off of Jet X fairly quickly, but in our opinion, its lack of complicated features is refreshing and beginner-friendly.

Check out our Jet X slot game review to read more about this title and its features.

The 5 Most Important Things to Know about Playing JetX Slots

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Despite its relative simplicity and low barrier of entry, there are layers to Jet X. Learning how to play casino slots like this one is not particularly difficult, but it does require devoting a lot of time to get right by implementing the trial-and-error method. Here are the five most important things to know about playing Jet X to make your journey a little easier.

Make Use of Auto-Withdraw

As a new player, you’ll probably start a little confused regarding how to play Jet X slots. Fortunately, the game comes with an auto-withdraw option, where you can pre-set the multiplier at which you want to cash out and let the game do the clicking for you. It’s a good way to sit back and analyze the game mechanics before taking a more proactive approach.

Don’t Let the Pressure Get to You

Seeing other players cash-out as the plane continues flying may incentivize you to get out of the race, as well. It’s important that you don’t let the actions of others influence your own gameplay, especially if you want to win big!

Bet Big on Low Multipliers and Vice-Versa

Jet X is based on random numbers, so there is no way to predict each game’s outcome, but statistically, the plane is not as likely to reach high multipliers too often. Betting big on low multipliers and small on high ones is an excellent way to minimize your chances of losing money.

The (Risky) Martingale

This strategy revolves around starting with a low bet and doubling it every time you lose. It’s a risky one but can result in high returns if you have the disposable income and nerves to keep playing!

Play Volatile

Volatile play simply means betting higher than you’d normally like and cashing out at low multipliers (the lowest possible one in JetX is x1.35). It’ll enable you to have recurring gains, but it may take some time to generate a serious profit.

How to Get Started with JetX Slot Machine and Win Bigger

Applying the tips mentioned above when playing the Jet X slot will allow you to get some of the pressure associated with playing this game off your shoulders and focus on developing a strategy enabling you to walk away with large winnings.

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