Online Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are immensely popular with online casino players due to the enormity of the cash pool

that is generated, often resulting in a life-changing payout – we’re talking millions of dollars – when won.

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Where to play the best progressive jackpots online

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How progressive jackpots work

Progressive games feature jackpots that continuously increase as the games are wagered on. These jackpots can be linked across different slot machines, different games, and different online casinos. With every bet placed, by any punter playing that particular game anywhere online, a small percentage is contributed towards the jackpot pool – these percentages are always displayed on the gaming screen as you play. The jackpot will keep growing incrementally in this way until it is eventually won. The game then re-sets and the growth cycle starts all over again.

How a progressive jackpot is won

To be in line for the maximum payout when Lady Luck comes around, players must wager the maximum bet. Smaller wins are still possible should you not be able to bet the maximum number of coins, or if you land on a combination that qualifies for a smaller prize than the jackpot payout. Keep in mind that all wins are completely random, and the jackpot payout does not become “due” after hitting a certain value. So your chances of winning $10 million are exactly the same as winning $100, 000.00.

Different jackpot types

  • Standalone progressive jackpot slots

    This is a single-game jackpot i.e. it’s not connected to any other online slot. As with other progressive games, the jackpot increases by a small percentage per wager made on that specific game, and the winning payout is the total of all those percentages added together. These types of progressive slots offer lower payouts compared to others – typically in the region of $10,000.

  • Local progressives

    Also known as in-house progressive jackpot slots, these machines are linked together under the same casino, or under a group of casinos owned by the same operator. Jackpot payouts from these slots are higher due to the prize pool being fuelled by multiple games. Depending on the size of casino or casino group, the amount of machines involved could range from a dozen to hundreds, and the resulting jackpot payouts could be anything from $100,000.00 to $1000, 000.00.

  • Network progressive jackpot slots

    Also known as Wide Area Network Progressives, these slots span across an entire network of online casinos that run on the same gaming platform, like for example Microgaming. This means hundreds of thousands of wagers on numerous machines, making payouts from network progressive jackpots the biggest of them all, often reaching over $1 million and sometimes even over $10 million!

  • Multiple progressive jackpot slots

    Multiple progressive jackpot slots give players a chance to win one of three progressive jackpots.

  • Other Progressive Games

    Progressive jackpots can also be found on table games like video poker, where players can actually determine the break-even point in the game because the odds are known.

Popular progressive jackpots

  • Mega Moolah

    Undoubtedly the most popular, this Microgaming jackpot slot features four jackpot games, with the biggest – the Mega Jackpot – being the largest jackpot in the world. The highest win so far, recorded in October 2015, was a staggering £13, 2 Million.

  • Mega Fortune

    This NetEnt progressive pokie has three jackpots attached, with the largest having climbed as high as €17.8 million.

  • Arabian Nights

    Also from NetEnt, Arabian Nights has been known to payout more than €8 million.

  • Beach Life

    This Playtech progressive jackpot accumulates quickly and is based on having fun in the sun.

How to select the best progressive jackpot slot

There are three crucial factors to consider when deciding on a progressive jackpot slot:


It’s important to investigate the quality of the software that drives the slot you’re interested in. Also check the manufacturing company’s reputation. Top casino game platforms include Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming (RTG) and NetEntertainment (NetEnt).

Maximum Bet

Before jumping into a game, consider what the required maximum bet coin value is, bearing in mind that if you want to win a progressive jackpot, you need to make maximum bets. So make sure your bankroll can support it.


Not all progressive jackpot slots pay out the same, for example a progressive that has just been won needs time to build back up again and won’t be worth playing right away. We recommend you research past payouts and statistical estimations, so you can give yourself the best chance of being in line when that next big win rolls around!


Are Progressive Slots better than regular slots?

If it’s big wins you’re chasing, then yes. With progressives you can win a life-changing amount whereas standard slots only offer up to 100 000 x your bet.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds are about the same as winning the lottery; however, considering the amount of spins you can fit into a single game versus the amount of lotto tickets you can buy, you’re afforded more chances to win on a progressive jackpot.

How do I play?

Exactly the same way as you would on a normal slot game, just select the amount of lines you wish to bet on and spin the reels.

How are jackpots paid out?

Typically the game developer pays the jackpot, and you get paid via the casino. Usually wins are paid once-off, but some online casinos limit the amount you may withdraw weekly and monthly. This is another reason why it’s wise to research casinos before playing.

What is the biggest jackpot ever won on a Progressive Slot game?

The highest recorded win to date is €17,861,800, by a Finnish player after betting only 25 cents on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune on the 20th of January 2013.