Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon Slot: A 25-Line Supernatural Adventure

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Mega moolah witchs moon online slot

If there’s one slot game that deserves recognition, it is definitely Mega Moolah and its new variations. The original Mega Moolah slot game was released back in 2006 by Microgaming, and since then, has changed the lives of hundreds of people with its high payouts. Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon is a part of the Mega Moolah franchise - a child of collaboration between Microgaming and Aurum Signature Studios.

Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon is a 5-reel slot game with 25-paylines that has an RTP of 88.12% - while it might not be the best one out there, the slot game recuperates with its progressive jackpot and the fun it brings to its players.

In this article, we will talk about what are Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon slots and how you play them, and share some tips on how to win at AI slots games. We will also give you a bit of a Mega Moolah slot game review, even though whether what we will say can be considered as Mega Moolah slot review is a bit questionable. But, without further ado, let’s just get started.

How to Play the Mega Moolah Slot Online

Let’s first take a quick look at how to play Mega Moolah’s online slot. Playing Mega Moolah online is actually quite easy - you just have to find a trustworthy casino.

As the name might suggest, the slot game revolves around magic and everything witchy - though there is a lot more that the developer could’ve done in terms of aesthetics, the graphics are nice to look at and aren’t too overwhelming, and that’s what matters. Among the symbols, we can find brooms, toads, spellbooks, playing cards, frogs, and so on.

As we already mentioned, Mega Moolah’s The Witch’s Moon is a 5-reel, 25-paylines slot game - you can choose how many paylines you want to be active during your spin, but keep in mind that the fewer paylines you activate, the fewer chances of winning you have. In order to win, you have to match three or more symbols across a payline. Aside from regular symbols, there’s a witch that activates free spins, and a pink moon that not only doubles up your winnings but can also substitute for any other symbol.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is a progressive jackpot, there is no way to play the Mega Moolah’s The Witch’s Moon slots online for free - however, if you want to try out the game before committing more serious money, you can start betting with small sums. Keep in mind though that the less you bet, the lower chances you have of triggering the wheel of fortune that allows you to win one of the four jackpots.

The four jackpots are:

  • Mini progressive jackpot - starts at €10
  • Minor progressive jackpot - starts at €100
  • Major progressive jackpot - starts at €10,000
  • Mega progressive jackpot - starts at €1,000,000

Now, when it comes to how much you can bet - the minimum bet is $0.25, while the maximum bet is $6.25. What’s more, if you don’t want to click the spin button for each spin, or you simply want it to play by itself while you get busy with something else, you can activate the ‘Autoplay’ option for as many as 50 spins.

How to Win the Mega Moolah Slot Game! [Tips]

Many people dream of winning the jackpot, however, only a few will actually succeed - if you want to be one of them, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips for winning at AI slots games, such as Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon:

  • Be mindful of your financial situation - you need to remember that slots should be a fun way of spending time, not an easy way into debt. That’s why, before you start playing and coming up with a winning strategy for AI slots games, you should set aside a dedicated budget so that you won’t overspend.
  • Take advantage of bonuses - due to the fact that there is a plethora of gambling sites and apps available at one’s disposal, online casinos are trying to attract new players by giving them bonuses - whether it’s a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, or free spins, don’t take them for granted. Instead, use them to your full advantage.
  • Study the slot game - the thing with progressive jackpots is that you cannot play them for free, which means that you cannot test them out before committing. However, there are some other ways in which you can get to know the gameplay - although not as effective as playing it, it will allow you to get familiar with how to play the slot game. Namely, you can read a description of the game’s mechanics, and when you already have some knowledge, play with small bets to learn them in practice.
  • Play less to have more chances of winning - while it is not possible to predict when the wheel of fortune will be triggered, there is a way to increase the chances of that happening - the higher bet you place, the higher chances of the jackpot wheel appearing. However, the chances increase only slightly, so if you have a small budget, it would probably be more beneficial for you to invest in more spins, as each spin is a chance to activate the wheel.
  • Remember that slots are random - although there seems to be a belief that it is possible to predict when the big win will happen, the truth is that it actually isn’t, due to the fact that slot games are operated with the help of a random number generator.

Conclusion: The Mega Moolah Slots Are Great Fun To Play And People Love Them. If You Want To Win At The Game, It Takes Patience and Practice For The Best Results!

Microgaming is one of the biggest and most successful developers of online casino games for a reason - and the Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon online slot game created in collaboration with Aurum Signature Studios is a perfect example of that.

Despite being quite simple in terms of graphics, it still attracts thousands of players every day due to the enjoyment it brings, as well as the chances of winning life-changing money. What more could one want?

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