Australian Punters Turn to Online Gaming Amidst Lockdown

In its research, AlphaBeta discovered that the gamblers in Australia started using online platforms. Sydney Morning Herald of Australia published a piece of news based on this research, claiming that the COVID-19 lockdown led to an increase of 67% in online gambling in the country.

The rise shown by the gambling community is a lot higher than the average usage during early April. Most of this data is from sports betting sites, and it is unusual as all sporting events were suspended during the lockdown. So, this rise can only be attributed to punters using online casinos and gambling sites.

What makes this study interesting is that the rise in online gambling was far more than that of other online activities, such as shopping, streaming, etc.

The socially responsible campaigners claim that the rise in the number of people participating in online gambling is not a good thing. It will lead to a serious gambling addiction amongst individuals if the trend continues.

However, the people can take a sigh of relief as New Zealand is free of COVID-19, and Australia is getting back on track. So, sports would start soon, and the punters would go back to their original betting methods, i.e., placing bets on sports, but there's no mistaking that the online gambling arena has secured a lot more customers!