Cyberstud Poker Online in Canada

There are several popular online card games that give you hours of fun and enjoyment. The Cyber Stud Poker is one of them. Over the years, its variations have flooded online casinos, and casino players worldwide have embraced the slots with enthusiasm.

Microgaming, an undisputed leader in online casino gaming, has introduced a version of this game. Named Cyberstud Poker, it has some similarities with the original slot, but you also get access to some exciting and additional features.

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How to Play Cyber Stud

The Cyber Stud Poker game is played using the standard 52-card deck, but there are no Jokers. Your opponent in the game is the casino, and play the game on a regular poker table. While there are five boxes - you can play your bet on only one. You have to get a poker hand which is higher in ranking than that of the dealer.

You get five cards and then take a call as to compare the cards with those of the dealer’s or not. If you feel you can defeat the dealer with your cards, place an additional bet. Else, you can choose to fold. After that, the dealer will draw four cards, and then he will compare the combinations. The ranking of your hand is similar to any poker hand with the same sequence- high card, followed by a pair, two pairs, trips, then straights, and so on.

If the dealer gets a combination but loses to you, the payout is as follows:

  • The ante paid remains 1:1
  • Paytable decides the bet payout and the rank of the hands.
  • If the dealer does not have a winning combination, the Ante payout is 1:1 only, irrespective of his combination.

The Dealer has to qualify with at least an Ace and King combination or a higher combination. If his hand does not qualify, you will walk away with double your ante, regardless of your hand and the value of the cards.

If you fold, you lose the game. There are ten types of multipliers in the game.

What We Think of the Game

Cyberstud Poker is a nice variation of Stud Poker that is easy to play and has enough elements to entice and hook players. Definitely nice to mix things up every now and again!

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