Playtech offers all Bets Blackjack

Plenty of online casino enthusiasts like playing blackjack games with side bets. This reduces the boredom of repeated game play and offers more payout prospects.

This is why Playtech casinos is offering a broad lineup of casino games. This includes an assortment of side bets like Progressive Blackjack, 21+3, and Perfect Pairs. The blackjack variantsoffered by Playtech casinos offer amazing gaming experience. Earlier, however, the players had to shift from one blackjack type to another to avail the side bets. This is no longer the case now. Playtech has made the ultimate blackjack game in which you get all side bets inside one game.

The All Bets Blackjack comes with 6 distinct side bets featuring crisp sound effects, superior graphics and amazing animations.

All Bets Blackjack: playing rule

The All Bets Blackjack adheres to European Blackjack format and it has six decks of cards. After every round, used playing cards are returned to deck and get reshuffled. The players may choose to play for 3 hands against the dealer in a single round. The game proceeds in a clockwise fashion and the dealer's hand is played last. Like a standard blackjack game, players may take insurance and split their hands on it.

The minimum permissible bet on a round is $0.10 and the highest bet limit per round is set at $100. As a player, you will need to beat the dealer's hand by scoring close to 21. Blackjack will pay on lines of 3 to 2, as expected.

As already mentioned, the most noteworthy feature of new All Bets Blackjack offered by Playtech is it comes with six different side bets. The side bets are described below:

  • Top 3 - This side bet is activated when first face-up card of the dealer and your initial two cards are paired.
  • Buster Blackjack - This side bet pays as the dealer's hand turns out to be a bust. More cards in the busted hands of dealer means higher payout.
  • Perfect Pairs - This side bet pays as your initial two cards create a red/black pair, a perfect pair or colored pair.
  • Lucky Lucky - This side bet pays when you have suited 21, unsuited 21, unsuited 678, suited 678, unsuited 777, suited 777 and any of the any 19 / 20 combinations in hand.
  • 21+3: This side bet pays your initial two cards and the dealer's first card forms a combination of three.
  • Progressive Blackjack - This side bet pays when you get winning card blend of Aces. It offers maximum payout in the game. It is awarded when you get 4 Aces in same suit. However, it has to begin with your initial card.

Where to play All Bets Blackjack

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