Hilariously Shocking Casino Fails

Casinos tend to be a place of fun and excitement for most, but there are a few people who simply run away with the idea. Being a security officer or simply working on the casino floor is sure to be entertaining all on it own. There are thousands of websites that include actual interviews with various casino staff members, who talk about some of the funny and serious moments they’ve encountered while on the job.

We look at some of the funniest casino fails in history. Some might be unbelievable while others would simply make you fall off your chair in laughter, but one thing we can promise; they are all 100% real! So, let’s get to it and see what you shouldn’t do unless you want to become part of our next hilariously Shocking Casino Fails article.

Excuse Me, Where’s the Ladies Room?

Cruise ship Just from the title, you may wonder where this could possibly go. Well, whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong. An interview with a security officer working on a night shift at a casino on a cruise ship tells us the story of a lady playing slots all by herself at 6 AM one odd morning.

He begins to inform us that no one else was in the casino, except for one or two technicians who weren’t anywhere near her. On the CCTV cameras, he could tell she was looking for the nearest toilet, but since she had collected some huge winnings on the machine, she didn’t want to leave or cashout just yet.

The officer then saw the lady go behind some other machines, concerned she might tamper with them, he switched cameras and got a better view. What he saw next was completely unexpected as the lady was defecating right there on the casino floor where she could keep an eye on the game. A few seconds later, she returned to the game and kept spinning the reels as if nothing happened!

Win or Run?

Win or run Another security guard keeping an eye on the casino floor explains that he has seen some really weird things on the job, which don’t only relate to people trying new ways to beat the house, but even a few who try to either win or get out if they don’t.

He explains one situation that occurred in Kenya where a roulette player joined a table and spread out his money over the table to cover at least 60% of it, which provides a fairly good chance of winning. However, not long after, the wheel stopped and the results showed he lost the round.

Instead of placing another bet, the player decided to grab as much of his bet as possible and started running. He didn’t get far before a security officer cornered him. Instead of surrendering, the man decided to put the money in his mouth and swallow it. However, the stack of bills were simply too big to swallow before another security officer arrived.

The two men got him down on the floor and manged to retrieve the cash. After returning it to the roulette table, the operator got a cleaner to bring a fan and dry out the bills, which were later banked into the table and things went on as if it was a regular occurrence.

Drinks at the Table, What About Drugs?

Drugs In 2008, a couple was arrested for dealing drugs at a casino, which doesn’t seem to be too far out of the ordinary as it happens on a regular basis outside of the casino and sometimes even inside. However, this couple managed to reach new levels of making their drug-dealing business take off in a bazaar manner.

Working together at the same casino, one being a dealer and the other a waitress, the couple managed to deal drugs to players without anyone seeing for over two whole months! The dealer would drop hints that drugs are optional at the casino and the waitress would simply bring the order with a drink or some food.

However, they made the wrong move by offering drugs to an FBI agent who played a few rounds of poker at the time. The agent remained calm and played along, ordering cocaine from the couple. To find out if this was part of the casino’s offerings, the agent went to multiple tables to find out if drugs were available there as well. He soon discovered it was the waitress and roulette dealer working together.

Not long after, a crewmember was called in to arrest the couple. The girl gave in easily, but the guy decided to try everything to get away from the police. He even stripped completely naked, thinking the police wouldn’t want to touch him in his condition. He started running through the casino floor for more than 10 minutes before being cornered and arrested.

I Touch Myself for Luck

Food We all have that special routine or superstition that brings some additional luck before we start playing at a casino. For some it’s the need to have a good meal before walking onto the floor while for others it’s all about wearing a lucky bracelet or wearing something special. While there are many different forms of this “luck” a waitress in Bucharest casino witnessed an entirely new meaning to the world one evening while working.

She was attending to a high roller who asked the girl to bring him something to eat. However, she could only bring the meal between spins, meaning there should be a round played when the food arrives. A little strange, but not a problem. The girl brought the food and returned a few minutes later to find out if everything is in order.

She found the man with his hand down his pants, touching himself at the table where everyone could see. The man didn’t seem to care than everyone could see him as it was part of his lucky charm. In fact, he did it every time the roulette wheel was about to spin. We aren’t sure if it actually worked, but for the sake of the casino and the other players, this is one routine we don’t recommend.