Human Labour Has Been Replaced With Innovative ATM and POS Initiated by 1ClickGames

For satisfying the requirements of both customers and clients, 1ClickGames has come out with a business solution. The aim of the different businesses – online or terra firma is to cut costs and computerize most of the procedures. The dogma of 1ClickGames’ path-breaking products for vendor business is more machine, less manual labour.

The updated mobile POS workstation and Interactive ATM/Lottery Terminal has been announced by 1ClickGames. Equipped with all requisite cashier operations, the mobile POS or ‘point of sale’ is a retailer terminal for Androids that can function at any place any time. The gadget has a new Android system with a printing component and touch screen.  The Terminal is packed with a wide variety of wagers and lottery games that can all be modified to satisfy your clients’ needs in the market of your operation.

The ATM/Interactive Lottery Terminal is an independent apparatus that supplies a host of up-to-date technologies to increase customer engagement substantially.

As per 1ClickGames CEO, Maxim Terehovich: “Technology doesn’t remain stagnant and we keep up with the age. We keep producing stuff that will be activated as soon as the client kick-starts it, due to constant feedback about client problems, desires and needs. Our company provides services to the regions with low internet availability and poor infrastructure and hence, we understand the portability of a game. For companies that wish to slash employee costs by automating a few retailing procedures, the ATM and POS are practical solutions.