Incan Adventure Online Slot

6 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.20 / 100.00
Release Date
5 January 2021

Incan Adventure Online Slot by Microgaming and Gacha Studios combines pure arcade gameplay with slots mechanics for a unique gaming experience. You control a miner in the depths of an Incan temple, guiding him to drill through special blocks to uncover amazing prizes where each drill action is a wager. Gold and diamond blocks appear in place of traditional symbols while you play strategically against a dropping power meter and avoid traps. The game’s bonus features include free games.

Game Symbols

  • You can drill in any direction but you can only proceed downwards. Each drill action consumes a part of your battery, when your battery is depleted the gameboard will be reset and you will be returned to the top. 
  • Regular and trap blocks take 1 drill action to destroy.
  • Trap blocks fire of arrows with every 5th drill action and can award you a battery boost, super drill boost, or a statue boost when destroyed.  Getting hit with a trap blocks arrow will reduce your battery.
  • Gold and diamond blocks take several drill actions to destroy and come in 1z1, 2x2, and 3x3 sizes.
  • Green wall blocks cannot be destroyed and you will have to navigate around them.
  • Glowing power blocks can take several drill actions to destroy. When destroyed, they will randomly destroy 10 regular, trap, and wall blocks, replacing them with 1x1 gold or diamond blocks.
  • Statue blocks also take several drill actions to destroy and help trigger the bonus game.

Bonus Features

Super Drill

Certain blocks contain a drill boost which will transform your regular drill into a golden super drill. You can accumulate these boosts and when your super drill is active, your wins will be multiplied by 3x. You have to keep replenishing your super drill by finding more boosts.

Free Bonus

Destroying 5 statue blocks will fill up the bonus meter above the reels and activate a bonus game where your miner has to drill down through sheets of carved rock, revealing prizes as you descend. There are 7 levels to traverse and you can only move from level to level if you find a special key symbol on the previous one. Reaching level 7 will allow you to claim a prize of 100x your bet.

Our Verdict

Incan Adventure slot is something entirely new with charm that only the staunchest of purists will be able to resist. The game’s theme combines Incan symbolism with 90s-style video game graphics and fluid animations. Being in full control of the progression of the game offers each player to choose their own style when traversing the game. Players after fast wins may target high playing blocks and risk running their battery down early on and more strategic players may avoid this route to target the statue blocks and trigger the bonus game. Whichever way you play, a top prize of $288 000 and the unique gameplay experience are reason enough to step outside of your slot comfort zone.