WildPops Online Slot

5 Reels
Min / Max Bet
0.20 / 50.00
Release Date
9 June 2020

WildPops online slot is the third title to emerge from the AvatarUX / Yggdrasil partnership and the spiritual successor to the famous PopRocks title, exploding onto the screen in vibrant, Eastern style. The visuals are generically Asian, seemingly borrowing from different cultures, but the bright, cartoon style makes it all somehow cohesive as a look. This title is unusual in most aspects, with a cascading reels-type mechanic, expanding reels, random wilds, and a multiplier tower to help you bag your win.

Game Symbols

  • The low value symbols are 9 to A, silver rimmed card royals.
  • The high value symbols are seven different Chinese festive icons, including dragons, lions, and hogs. The super-high symbol is a flaming blue dragon.
  • The wild symbol is gold lettering and substitutes for any other symbol.   

Bonus Features


Whenever you form a winning combination, the symbols will disappear, making room for new ones to fall in their place. The columns that held the winning symbols will also expand, up to a maximum height of 7 if you get enough consecutive wins.

Multiplier meter

A multiplier tower sits to the left of the reels, featuring seven segments and a multiplier value that starts at 1x by default. Every seventh symbol that is ‘popped’ will trigger a +1-multiplier bonus for the spin. If your winning streak ends, the multiplier value will reset.

Extra lives

If you get enough wins for all your columns to reach a height of 7 at the same time, the game will give you 3 extra lives. These lives give you an opportunity to keep the grid in its expanded state, even if no winning combination is landed, effectively nullifying the effect of no-win spins up to 3 times.

Random Wilds

Each 3rd consecutive Pop win will activate this feature which adds 2 wilds to random positions on the reels.

Our Verdict

WildPops slot is a fun, fast-paced adventure game that has emerged as a worthy sequel. Making comparisons to PopRocks slot is naturally unavoidable when reviewing this title as the two share many similarities, from the sometimes brash, bold visual style to the bonus features. The fundamental differences are the most important however and AvatarUX have softened the volatility from the original, making this a more casual experience with wins landing fairly often. WildPops does have about 3x less the potential of its predecessor, but the trade-off is a game that is more comparatively easier on the nerves.

The interdependence of the special features does mean that if you don’t kick off a series of Pop Wins, you may be left spinning for a while with little else happening on the reels, but triggering a cascade of wins is a spectacular experience that is worth the wait. This title achieves a fair balance between volatility and playability and is worth a look if you’re in the market for something a little different.