Jokers Wild Video Poker

There are several versions online of Jokers Wild, however the standard is a schedule of Kings or better or Kings+ as the minimum payout to return your bet. There is also an Aces+ version and the strategies are the same for both versions.

As noted in bold below, there is a 7 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 5 coin return for a flush.

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Pay Schedule: Jokers Wild Video Poker 7/5

  1. Hand: Pair: Kings or Better - Max Coin Return: 5 Coins
  2. Hand: 2 pair (2PR) - Max Coin Return: 5 Coins
  3. Hand: Three-of-a-kind (3/kind) - Max Coin Return: 10 Coins
  4. Hand: Straight (ST) - Max Coin Return: 15 Coins
  5. Hand: Flush (FL)=5 - Max Coin Return: 25 Coins
  6. Hand: Full house (FH)=7 - Max Coin Return: 35 Coins
  7. Hand: 4-of-a-kind (quad) - Max Coin Return: 85 Coins
  8. Hand: Straight Flush (SF) - Max Coin Return: 250 Coins
  9. Hand: Wild Royal w/Joker - Max Coin Return: 500 Coins
  10. Hand: Five-of-a-kind - Max Coin Return: 1000 Coins
  11. Hand: Royal Flush (no Joker) - Max Coin Return: 5000 Coins


the best version offers 100 coins for 4-of-a-kind while 80 coins reduces the overall payout %. The strategies remain the same regardless of 80 or 100 coins. For real money wins, play maximum coin for each hand.

JokerPoker PayTable

Strategy and Tips: With Joker

With Joker

  • Hold dealt hands of full house or higher
  • Toss a paying flush for a 4-card royal or 4-card open straight flush
  • Toss 3-of-a-kind for any 4-card straight flush
  • Toss a pair of aces or kings towards a 3-card or higher sequential straight flush or a 4-card flush
  • If none of the above, choose an in-between card that is neither high nor low to keep with the joker. Example: 6-10
  • Without any of the above, hold the Joker alone and receive 4 new cards

Without Joker

  • Hold two pair or higher
  • Hold A-K of same suit
  • Hold face cards in the same suit. Examples: K-Q, K-J, K-10, Q-J, Q-10, or J-10
  • Hold a 4-card straight or a 3-card straight flush if consecutive, discarding a small pair for the larger payout
  • Toss a flush for any 4-card royal draw
  • Toss a straight for any 4-card straight flush or royal draw
  • Discard a pair of aces or kings for 3-card royal draw
  • Discard a low pair for 4-card flush or possible 3-card straight flush
  • Toss a pair for a 4-card straight flush

Fast Facts

Approximately 10% of original cards dealt will display a joker, so adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Use these strategies and tips to rise to Royal Class.