Kindred publishes its revenue in safer gambling push

Kindred Group has made history as the first gambling operator to reveal the share of revenue that it receives from harmful gambling. This action signals the company’s continuing initiative to deliver safe gambling experiences.

Kindred’s objective is to have none of its revenue generated from harmful gambling. To this end, the company has taken up a strategy of transparency, sharing its financial figures and introducing measures aimed at assisting customers to overcome their problematic gambling behaviour.

Kindred Group has pledged to publicize knowledge of the issue and initiate a factual dialogue regarding harmful gambling and its effects.

The company made an announcement stating that since it first adopted its transparency policy, 98 per cent of the players on its platform have displayed responsible gambling behaviour, which shows that the implemented measures have borne striking results.

Closing the gaps

Kindred‘s sharing of the share of revenue it gains from harmful gambling will be presented alongside reports detailing improvements in its customers’ gambling behaviour. The most recent report states that high-risk players contributed 4.3% of revenue.

Henrik Tjärnström, the CEO of Kindred Group said that his company intends to consistently improve its harmful gambling behaviour detection.

“We want gambling to be simple and enjoyable for everyone. Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term process which requires a fact-based, open, and constructive dialogue, not least with decision-makers. We want to contribute to that. The most important thing decision-makers can do right now is to reduce the flight to unlicensed gambling operators, who fail to provide players with any safety measures whatsoever. The so-called channelization must increase.”

Kindred’s safer gambling program has been running for a few years already and it aims to have the company achieve zero percent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.

The integral components of the plan include improved methods of identifying potentially harmful behaviour and enhancement of existing support tools to guide players who show signs of risky behaviour away from the perils of problem gambling.

At the moment, Kindred is pouring its energy into targeted intervention with automated communication that will alert players to their behaviour and provide support.

Mr Tjärnström continued, “In order to evaluate our own sustainability work and to counteract harmful gambling, we continuously measure how our efforts contribute to healthier gambling together with how much of our revenue that comes from harmful gambling. We want to share these figures to increase the understanding of our long-term sustainability work and contribute to a safer gambling experience. Local market regulation is an important part to achieve this.”

The company has committed to sharing its harmful gambling revenue every quarter on its website.

Kindred Group CEO: Henrik Tjärnströmk