NJ iGaming Companies allowed to Advertise Using Google Ads

Google Ads Policy has been restructured.  As per the new dispensation of the tech giant, New Jersey based sports gaming companies will now be able to advertise using Google Ads.

This comes as a complete turnaround to an earlier decree by Google to limit the number of gaming apps in its Play Store.  This new announcement has been welcomed by top-notch executives in the gaming arena, particularly in New Jersey.

Yaniv Sherman, 888 executive feels the new policy of Google Ads “will increase the competitiveness of their company and expand its options in the gaming market.”

The effectual updated edition of the Google Ads Policy will enable its users to discern between unlicensed sites aiming at customers from other ends of the globe and regularized operators.

A section of the update reads: “June 2019 will see a change in the Google Ads Policy where, as part of a preliminary version, licensed state gaming bodies will be entitled to promote sports gambling content in New Jersey.  Post the update, New Jersey advertizers keen on promoting their online sports gaming content, need to submit a request for gambling certification through the page of the updated policy.