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Back in the old days, playing slots for real money was possible only in brick-and-mortar premises. You had to dress up appropriately and travel somewhere to reach a slot machine. Nowadays, you still have such an option, but there is also a very convenient alternative that more and more gamers tend to prefer - playing slots online on dedicated casino sites and apps.

When you realize how many advantages such a solution combines, it is no wonder that slot games online casinos are becoming more popular than traditional slot machines. Read on to discover what perks are worth taking into consideration, and learn about some of the most beneficial games you can find when you are interested in playing slots online!

The Most Significant Advantages of Playing Slots Online

Slot players often mention numerous benefits you get when you choose to play in online casinos over going to brick-and-mortar ones. Slot machines have been a great invention, but now that they have been converted to virtual space, they are even more enjoyable and beneficial. Let's find out more about the most important advantages of online slot games!

Higher Convenience

Keep in mind that to place your bets in a physical slot machine, you need to travel, which wastes your money, time, and energy. Instead, you can just sit comfortably on the sofa or lay in your bed and have a great time playing slots online on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In this way, casino games become more and more accessible for everyone who has reached the right gambling age. It doesn't matter if you are sick, disabled, or have a small child, you can't leave without a babysitter; you can always grab your electronic device with internet access and play some cool online slots when you have free time.

Huge Variety of Slot Games

If you like to have a variety of slot games to choose from, you won't be disappointed when visiting renowned online casinos.

Most of them have a few hundred titles available and add new games regularly, so you will never get bored, and you will always have lots of opportunities to place your bets and win some extra money. In land-based casinos, there are many slot machines with the same game, so it is much more repetitive.

Playing slots online

Playing slots online

On top of that, when you want to take a break from online slots, remember that there are other excellent games available on basically every casino site. You can try, for example, video poker, which is a mixture of a regular poker and a slot machine, or go for some classic table games like blackjack, baccarat, or roulette.

Interestingly, some online casinos even offer live dealer games where you can participate in such games as Wheel of Fortune live-streamed from a dedicated studio.

Numerous Bonuses and Incentives

Nowadays, you can expect some beneficial bonuses in basically any online slot game. It is because slot players have so many opportunities to place their bets that in order to attract them, a provider needs to take some effort. Hence, while playing slots online, you will often encounter such bonuses as free spins, bonus games, additional chips, or even direct cash rewards.

What's more, game developers are not the only ones who try to attract as many slot players as possible - online casinos take a similar approach. There are many places to play online slot games, so they need to do their utmost to make gamers pick their casino amongst all the competition.

One of the most popular welcome bonuses is a deposit one. If you transfer a particular amount of money and meet the wagering requirement conditions stated by the provider, you will be awarded bonus funds to use in any game you want. Moreover, sometimes you can also get free spins in chosen online slots.

Higher Payout Percentage

In most slots available for you to play on online casino platforms, the payout percentage reaches 92-97%, while it can be around 10% less in traditional slot machines. As a result, you are more likely to win a satisfactory amount of money at online games, which is definitely one of the most important advantages of this gambling activity.

The reason why online casinos are more willing to pay you more is that they have fewer costs to cover than in the case of brick-and-mortar premises. They don't have to hire as many casino staff members, don't need to pay for keeping the building in an excellent condition, or anything like that.

Keeping an online casino well-maintained is much cheaper than taking care of a land-based one, so more money can be spent on rewards for playing slots online.

Online Slots RTP

Higher Payout Percentage (RTP%)

On top of that, there are progressive jackpots in online slots, meaning that the highest reward is constantly growing as every gamer's bet contributes to it. And you can be the one who hits it and takes all the money!

Thrilling Slot Tournaments

Interestingly, some online casinos organize slot tournaments, making it possible for you to feel even more excitement and fun when you play their games.

What's more, one of the most significant benefits here is that you can have more opportunities to win large payouts. You will have the chance to play against other online casino players and see who is the champion!

24/7 Casino Games Availability

When you go to a land-based casino, you need to make sure it is open because it may not be operating 24/7. With online casinos, there is no such problem - you are always welcome to sign in, make a deposit (and likely get a bonus for that), and play slots or any other game of your choice.

In this way, even if you are too busy during the brick-and-mortar casino's working hours, you can always enjoy some gambling from your home. What's more, you can play slots in online casinos during bank holidays as well. The sky's the limit!

Many Payment Methods Accepted

In most of the best online casinos, you can make deposits with numerous payment methods. The most popular one is usually a credit or debit card, like Visa or MasterCard. However, they often allow you to use PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill. In this way, every casino player can transfer their funds to play slots or any other game in the way that is the most convenient for them.

Online slots payments

Online slots payments

However, take into consideration that in some casinos, the welcome bonus may require using a specific payment method.

More Privacy

One of the advantages of playing slots in online casinos is also better privacy. When you play on traditional slot machines in land-based casinos, you need to be prepared that there can be nosy onlookers, unwanted beverage offers, loud players next to you, and so on.

If you choose online casinos instead, it is you who decides how, when, and where you play. You can choose a peaceful place where nobody will interrupt you and focus on your game entirely. It can be particularly essential if you take part in slot tournaments!

Some of the Best Slots to Play in Online Casinos

Now that you know how many benefits you can get from playing slots online, it is time for some actual game recommendations! Here are some of the best slots you can find:

  • Mega Moolah - set in a safari theme and famous for its huge progressive jackpots
  • Scarab Kingdom - Scarab Kingdom, with a mystical atmosphere of ancient Egypt
  • Game of Thrones Power Stacks - referring to the famous TV show
  • Major Millions - military-themed, with a progressive jackpot
  • DC Superheroes - perfect for the DC universe fans
  • Book of Captain Silver - set in an adventurous pirate world

The Final Note

All in all, you can get many benefits if you choose to play slots in online casinos instead of traditional ones. You will be able to enjoy your favorite games wherever you are and whenever you feel lucky, as there are no strict working hours on casino sites, they are available for you at any time of day and night. All you have to do is grab a device with a stable internet connection and pick the most interesting slots!

Online slots benefit

Benefit of Online Slots

Moreover, you have a much more comprehensive selection of games, so you can try out as many of them as you want. You can even participate in slot tournaments and compete with other players to score the highest wins.

On top of that, you are free to choose the payment method and the place where you can play the games in online casinos peacefully. It is a very convenient solution that can be used by anyone who is at the right age to enjoy gambling!

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