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The Starburst slots game is one of those slots that doesn’t require you to study the paylines, symbols, and combinations to trigger rewards. The game is very intuitive, has minimum settings and plenty of perks that help you accumulate the bigger reward.

The interface is easy to navigate, the graphics are top-notch, and the music accompaniment fuels your excitement throughout the game. The game was created by NetEnt in 2012 and has become a favorite of many players since then.

Read on to learn what exactly attracts so many players to this slot machine game and how you can win the most using our tips in the article.

The Basics About the Starburst Slot Machine

Let’s run through the basics of the Starburst slot machine:

  • It has an RTP rate of 96.09%.
  • It’s a low volatile game.
  • It’s a 5-reel slot machine.
  • It has 10 paylines.

The RTP (return-to-player) percentage is slightly above the average, which is a good sign because bettors can expect to win $96.09 for wagered $100 in the long run. This is a rough calculation because the exact return-to-player amount depends on many factors.

The volatility level determines how often the player receives wins throughout the game. The Starburst slots game features low volatility, meaning the wins happen regularly; however, the amount rewarded can be slightly lower.

The minimum bet is 0.01, with the maximum wager being 1 credit. So, you can see that even when on a tight budget, you can have a great deal of fun with this slot game without risking your funds.

Overall, based on the basics of the slot game, the Starburst is ideal for beginners and casual players who prefer to stretch their limited budget and enjoy the game as it provides steady wins. It is also a perfect choice for bettors who prefer to play safe rather than challenge their unpredictable luck.

Game Rules

Starburst slot machine screen

This section will discuss how to play Starburst online slot, so once you are familiar with the rules, understanding combinations and reward conditions is easier. Every payline is marked as a number on the left and right sides. You can point your cursor over one of them to see the exact combo you need to have on reels in order to win. The reels stop from left to right, and you need at least three identical symbols to be placed on three consecutive reels.

Starburst slot machine free download

Whenever you have a winning combination(s), the game will point them out for you with the amount you receive. One of the biggest benefits of the Starburst is that it pays two ways.

The gameplay is fairly simple; you adjust the wager and click to spin until you land the right combo of glimmering gems. You can see “LEVEL” on the bottom, which indicates the total number of the bet per spin. “COINS” show the credits you own, and you adjust the coin value accordingly.

There are two kinds of symbols in the slot game: regular and Wilds. Here is the value of all regular symbols on the reels:

Starburst paylines

The most rewarding and exciting symbol that you can see on your reels is the Starburst Wild. Those appear only on reels numbers 2,3 and 4. The symbols remain on the reel once the Wild feature is activated, and other reels re-spin. If the new Wild symbols appear, they also remain at their place, while the rest of the slot reels re-spin once more. There can be a maximum of 3 re-spins in total.

How to Win the Starburst Online Slot Game

Winning in Starburst slot machine games is effortless if you know where to play them. A2Z Casinos has a detailed review of the slot game and an online casino where you can register, claim bonuses, and play at once! We review and recommend only reputable online casinos that provide a safe environment for bettors; slot enthusiasts will enjoy the gameplay without worrying about privacy invasion or banking problems.

Now, you might be wondering how to win on a slot machine just like Starburst. Since there is no way of tricking the sophisticated slot machine but only strategies you can follow to improve your odds.

Starburst is a low volatile game that rewards bettors frequently and then gives you a break. You can pay attention to when exactly it happens and when you should lower or increase your wagers. Keep in mind that every slot machine has a random number generator chip, making it hard for you to make any accurate predictions.

Starburst is a unique slot game that has only 10 paylines - and you can use it to your advantage. Try to find the patterns that appear often, and stick to those winning lines. Or you may always bet on all the combinations with a different total value per spin and observe which one works the best.

Conclusion & Takeaways

Starburst slot game is the gem itself, created by NetEnt for savvy players who like to keep it simple and spend joyful time spinning the reels without suffering significant losses. There is no way to cheat the system and beat the house; however, you can use your wits and work your strategy out in order to land that sweet jackpot.

If Starburst is the game that fits your preferences, there are many other similar slots that feature no fewer bonuses and the same amount of fun.

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