To Protect Susceptible People From Offshore Gambling Venues, Demand for New Gambling Laws in New Zealand

The government should revise its laws to protect defenceless people from other gambling places, feels PGF Services counsellor of Dunedin, Fiona Cambridge.

Foreign online gambling operators found ways to route internet consumers to their sites despite not being permitted to advertise in New Zealand. Local gambling operators were made to offer some sort of protection to gamblers.

Since overseas betting was legal, New Zealanders had splurged $380 million approximately during the last 1.5 years on foreign gambling sites, according to Internal Affairs Minister, Tracey Martin.

Ms. Martin further stated that the overseas online gambling operators did not participate in community donations via funding allowances, as is the practice of local gambling operators.

There had been a survey asking for feedback on a host of alternatives, where online operators must adhere to certain provisions in order to offer their services to New Zealand in a legalized manner with a proper licensing structure.

Some other options were to prohibit the use of online credit cards for gambling and geo-block admission to offshore gambling sites. This public debate will carry on till end of the following month.

Ms. Cambridge asked the locals to report if they were aware of anyone who lost money to an offshore gambling operative.