Blueprint Gaming Launches the All-new Eye of Horus Gambler

Blueprint Gaming has announced the latest entry to its renowned Eye of Horus series of games.

The all-new Eye of Horus Gambler offers real money casino players lots of excitement to keep them glued for hours. This new game is offering something that was not present in the original Reel Time Gaming version that came to the online market in 2017. The original game was made for retail and was subsequently transformed for online use.

The new version of Eye of Horus Gambler retains some key aspects from the original game. These features would help players who followed the original game, which became quite popular in the European market, to relate to the newest game. Blueprint is using a selectable Free Games feature to the game. This feature lets the players take control of the bonuses and make their own destiny.


The new Eye of Horus Gambler offers four game choices to the players once they reach the bonus round. These choices offer a unique combination of free spins and symbol upgrades. Additionally, the players can submit their fates to Horus and let him decide their rewards.

In a similar fashion to the original game's much-desired symbol upgrade feature and score the maximum win, you need to find the mythical all-seeing eye to open the enhancement. This enhancement boosts up to five symbols, turning them into higher-paying versions.

While talking about the latest game, the Director of Marketing and Relationship at Blueprint Gaming, said, "At Blueprint Gaming, we have a proud history of bringing successful land-based games online with a fresh new twist. This is exactly what we've done with Eye Of Horus Gambler, allowing players to see the game in a new way. Selectable Free Games puts the power in their hands, giving them the freedom to choose their own bonus game volatility as they pursue the riches of Egypt."