Gambling Commissions & Authorities

All of the casinos listed on have been registered and licensed under one or more of the following gambling authorities which means you have peace of mind that your hard earned money is not going to disappear into thin air and that you have a proper channel to get resolutions on any issues you may have when gambling with real money at your preferred online casino found on this site.

Please keep reading on to find out about the different authorities and how one may contact them should the need arise.

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Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority is an independent, regulatory body that governs the legal aspects of casino gaming, both for online as well as land based. It reviews the gaming operators for eligibility, and serves as the ultimate regulatory body for gaming activity governance in the territory of Malta. It also plays a pivotal role in protecting the interest and rights of the gamers.

How it Protects the Gambler It aims to :

  • Safeguard minors and people vulnerable to the impacts of gambling
  • Safeguard right of players
  • Verify integrity of the games along with gaming devices
  • Ensure the gaming is crime free
  • Ensure gaming is done safely

The MGA offers support through phone and websites for gamers and gaming centers. It is a regulated authority that has the rights to issue gaming licenses as well. MGA specifics the legal obligation of gambling players in its ‘Players Charter’.

Complaints can be sent to The helpline number is +356 2546 9000. The players should contact the specific gaming casino for grievance addressing and if they are not happy, they can get in touch with MGA.

Types of Licenses

There are 4 kinds of Remote Gaming Regulations :

  1. Class 1 - This is a remote gaming license where the operators are liable to manage their risks on repetitive games.
  2. Class 2 - This is a remote betting license where the operators are supposed to manage their risk on events that are matchbook based.
  3. Class 3 - This is a license to promote remote gaming either in Malta or from the territory. Examples include gaming on a P2P network and poker networks.
  4. Class 4 - It is a license to manage and host remote gaming operators barring the license itself. The software vendors offer management as well as hosting facilities on platforms of their own. This can be termed as a B2 B gaming license.

If the necessary documents and information is submitted to the MGA by an applicant, evaluation and approval takes 16 weeks at max.

Application Steps Involved

The MGA evaluates if an applicant is :

  • In condition to conduct gaming business.
  • Ready from business strategy perspective.
  • Equipped with statutory and operational requirements to meet legal obligations.
  • Already with the knowledge of testing the environment.

Verification Details

To obtain a license to operate, a casino in Malta needs to perform verification processes for allowing a player to play games. The method of deposit made by a player also undergoes scrutiny.

The casino must verify the below listed parameters :

  • Age - This is done by passport or driving license.
  • Address - The address is verified by utility bills.
  • Payment - The scanned copies of debit or credit cards is required for this.

These verifications are done to ensure no forged accounts are opened in the casinos. Gambling industry frauds are not uncommon and the MGA ensures such deeds are not committed in Malta.

Address and Contact Details

Malta Gaming Authority Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001, Malta Tel: +356 2546 9000

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Gibraltar Gaming Authority

Gibraltar Gaming Authority

Gibraltar, a British overseas territory is the preferred choice for thousands of casino and gambling lovers. Over the years, the gambling industry has flourished here and online casinos have increased in number too. To ensure the gamblers are not affected by unfair practices and various types of frauds, the Gibraltar Gambling Authority acts as the regulatory body to grant license to casinos and plays a key role in safeguarding gambler’s interests.

How do They Protect the Gamblers?

The Gibraltar Gambling Authority takes all necessary steps to safeguard interest of gamblers in its territory. It publishes misleading and rogue gambling websites details on its website and updates the list from time to time. This enables the gamblers to be aware of such fraudulent online casinos and stay away from them.

The gamblers may submit their grievances about various aspects related to online and land based casinos to the Gambling Commissioner. They have to use the Complaint Resolution Request Form and submit applications to Telephonic grievance resolution is not available. Before writing to the Gambling Commissioner, the players have to ensure they have read the required information for submitting complaints.

Areas of Gambling Complaints

The gambling complaints fall into the following areas, most of the times :

  • Suspended funds/accounts
  • Submitting required documents
  • Unfair games and tricks
  • Software and connection related glitches
  • Bonuses related grudges
  • Abusive language or conduct
  • Cancelled bets
  • Terms and conditions related grudges

At first, the players are required to submit a complaint at the sites or casinos they played. The complaints can be done by phone or email. Most operators acknowledge the receipt of complaints through email or phone. If there is no proper response or the email is not answered within a few days, it is time to take further steps. If there is no satisfactory response the affected players can contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner in the proper way. Sometimes, the gamblers are not aware of their role in any game related issues and that gives the operators an upper hand.

License Requirements and Types

To obtain a valid license from the regulatory body, namely Gibraltar Gambling Authority, an applicant casino has to adhere to legal and other requirements. Financial eligibility check of the applicant and background checks are required as part of verification by the GGA.

To obtain valid online gaming license, the online casinos need to acquire and check player data including address, age and name. The gaming site must adhere to online gaming norms by all means. The loopholes for any money laundering should not be present.

Types of Licenses

The Gibraltar Gambling Authority offers the license types listed below for legal gambling :

  • Bookmaker’s license
  • Gaming operator’s license
  • Betting intermediary’s license
  • Pool promoter’s license
  • Lottery promoter’s license
  • Remote gambling license
  • Gaming machine license

Address and Contacts

Gambling Division
 H.M Government of Gibraltar  Europort Suite 603 GX11 1AA
 Gibraltar TEL: 00350 20064142
 FAX: 00350 20064150 

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The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake was one of the world’s very first jurisdictions to recognize the opportunities that the interactive gaming industry has. Since then, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been both licensing and regulating a large number of interactive gaming sites. On July 8, 1999, ‘Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming’ was enacted by the Commission. This resulted in the effective and successful regulation of interactive games longer than almost any jurisdiction in the world.

The Commission regulates the activity of more than 250 online gambling venues in a number of countries across the world as well as several Kahnawake poker rooms. It licenses and regulates gaming and gaming-related activities that are conducted within and from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake with the highest principles of integrity and honesty.

How Does the Kahnawake Gaming Commission Protect Players?

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission’s primary function is to protect players who choose to engage in the gaming offered by operators that hold the Commission’s Land Based Poker room License. The Commission Regulations provides a variety of mechanisms to ensure player protection. Licensed online casino operators need to follow the following requirements :

  • Online gambling should be responsible, honest and transparent.
  • Operators have an obligation to be honest to players, ensure winning pay outs in due time and provide stringent players’ personal data privacy.
  • Operators are required to follow all regulations by the Commission regarding the protection of players under the age of 18 and other vulnerable players.
  • Operators are required to have the highest security protocols in their gaming systems to ensure secure financial transactions. All transactions are processed instantly and in a safe, secure and fully-encrypted manner.

Types of Licenses Offered by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

At present, there are four types of gaming licenses that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission grants :

  • Interactive Gaming License (IGL) - This license is issued to an approved hosting facility that is located in Kahnawake to. The Commission may issue only one IGL at any given time.
  • Client Provider Authorization (CPA) - This is issued to approved entities that want to provide interactive gaming services from the Kahnawake hosting operator. A valid CPA holder is also known as an Authorized Client Provider. The Commission can issue an unlimited number of CPAs.
  • Inter—Jurisdictional Authorization (aka IJA) - This is issued to an entity that holds a valid IGL that is issued by another jurisdiction and that wants to locate some or all of its personnel and equipment within the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.
  • Key Person License (KPL) - This is issued to at least one key person who operates or performs operational or managerial functions for an entity that holds a valid CPA.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission also grants separate Poker Rooms for operating casinos within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

The initial payment for Client Provider Authorization (CPA) is $25,000 CAD. To submit an application for a Key Person License (KPL), the applicant pays $5,000 CAD. The cost of a plainly required system testing is $15,000 CAD while the cost of a license renewal is $10,000 CAD.

Address and Contact Details

Address: P.O. Box 1799, Old Malone Highway, Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Quebec, 1B0, Canada Fax: +1 450 635 1139


The U.K. Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission

The U.K. Gambling Commission was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 as a means to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain with licensing authorities. It is a well-respected gaming authority that awards licenses to a large number of gambling sites. To determine whether a site should be awarded a license, the U.K. Gambling Commission considers the following elements.

  • Identity and Ownership - The Commission determines who actually owns the licensee applicant.
  • Finances - The Commission checks the licensee’s past and present finances and also determines whether the applicant has the resources to run the operation.
  • Integrity - The U.K. Gambling Commission conducts a ‘fit and proper’ test as a way to determine whether the owner of the licensee applicant has the requisite trustworthiness and honesty.
  • Competence - The Commission determines whether the applicant has the history and expertise to be a competent licensee.
  • Criminality - The Commission checks the applicant’s criminal record.

Registration and Verification

The U.K. Gambling Commission makes it mandatory for all their licensed sites to gather and verify the name, age and address of each player who deposits and wagers. This is to ensure that all players are over the legal gambling age, protect self-excluded players and prevent identity theft and money laundering.

How Does the U.K. Gambling Commission Protect Players?

The U.K. Gambling Commission protects players’ funds. To do this, the Commission ensures that licensed sites :

  • Keep customers’ funds in a separate bank account or accounts. However, there is no guarantee that players will get all their money back if the company faces problems or goes bankrupt.
  • Set out clear terms and conditions about whether protection for customer funds is provided in case of insolvency, what level of protection will be provided and the method used to achieve this.

All players should be aware that money deposited or staked with a gambling operator does not have the same protection that it does in a personal bank deposit, regardless of whether the operator is licensed or not.

Gaming Websites

To ensure that underage people do not gamble, all gambling websites that are regulated by the U.K. Gambling Commission are required to have :

  • Up-to-date procedures and policies that are designed to prevent underage gambling.
  • A clear warning that it is an offence to gamble if a player is under the legal gambling age.
  • A requirement that customers affirm that they are of the legal gambling age.

Types of Licenses Provided by the U.K. Gambling Commission

The U.K. Gambling Commission provides the following types of licenses :

  • Non-remote general betting (limited) license
  • Non-remote pool betting license
  • Non-remote betting intermediary license
  • Remote general betting (standard) license
  • Remote betting intermediary license
  • Remote general betting (limited) license
  • Remote pool betting license
  • Remote betting intermediary (trading rooms) license

Address and Contact Details

The following are the address and contact details of the U.K. Gambling Commission :

Address: Gambling Commission Victoria Square House Victoria Square Birmingham B2 4BP Email: Telephone: +44 121 230 6666 Fax: +44 121 230 6720

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