Casino Dress Codes around the World

When the words ‘casino dress codes’ come to mind, we may reminisce about movies like James Bond or Ocean’s Eleven. Here, the main characters don debonair suits and the leading ladies are dressed to the nines. While this may be the case at the world’s most elite casinos such as the Monte Carlo Casino, this is certainly not the norm worldwide. Ditch all preconceived notions about how you should dress at casinos around the world. Here is everything you need to know…

What Are the Casino Dress Codes?

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Discussing Casino Dress Codes

A dress code is defined as “a set of rules with regards to clothing created out of social norms and based on purpose, circumstances and occasions”. In terms of casinos, there are several dress codes you may be required to abide by. These include black-tie, semi-formal, cocktail, business-formal and casual attire.

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Black-Tie and Semi-Formal Attire

For the most exclusive and elite casinos in the world, black-tie attire may be requested. The height of formality, the dress code requires men to wear a white dress shirt, black bow-tie, waistcoat, black blazer, black trousers and smart shoes. Meanwhile, women are obliged to wear a ball gown or floor-length dress with high heels. Semi-formal attire is somewhere between black-tie and cocktail attire. This form of dressing may allow men to wear a debonair suit and women to don a chic knee-length dress and heels. Overall, the look-and-feel of both types of dressing is classy and sophisticated.

Cocktail and Business-Formal Attire

The world’s upper echelon casinos may also require cocktail attire. For men, cocktail wear means a dress shirt, blazer, trousers, smart shoes and potentially a tie. For women, the dress code requires a ‘cocktail dress’ where hemlines and necklines are appropriate. But, can also include a blouse with smart trousers or a stylish jumpsuit (high heels may be obligatory, too). Meanwhile, business-formal attire is the most stylish form of business wear. This includes a full matching business suit, including a jacket and trousers or a dress skirt. Just remember, no jeans are permitted!

Casual Attire

For most casinos around the world that are attracting millions of tourists from different countries, casual attire is accepted. In western dress code, casual attire is a decidedly informal and relaxed form of dressing that is appropriate for everyday use and maximum comfort. While it may be encouraged to dress the part when visiting casinos, casual attire comprises the full spectrum of hassle-free clothing. For men, this can include shorts with t-shirts and sneakers and for women, it can comprise dresses with sandals. This being said, casinos have different rules and regulations – it is advisable to call ahead to confirm what is allowed.

Casino Dress Codes Around the World

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Looms Around the World

From Las Vegas to Macau and Atlantic City to Monte Carlo, gambling destinations around the world have embraced the global traveller. Whether you’re one to dress for comfort or like to sport your finest attire, there is a casino venue for you. Here, we divulge the casino dress codes from around the world!

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Las Vegas Casino Dress Codes

Las Vegas is synonymous with extravagance, so you may be surprised that most of the city’s casinos have no strict dress code. In 2019, it was reported that a whopping 42.52 million tourists travelled to Las Vegas – thus most casinos cater to a wide range of visitors.

For the most part, Las Vegas casinos allow casual attire and at the very most may require cocktail wear. (However, this is normally reserved for the elite casino’s high-roller tables).

Due to the severely hot summer days in Las Vegas, the acceptable dress code largely depends on the time of day. While it adds to the Las Vegas experience to dress-up, most people opt for casual wear. During the day, many visitors can be found in t-shirts, shorts, dresses and flip flops. (It is likely that some guests make their way from the pool area or bar straight to the gambling area). At night time, it is advisable to switch to a mild form of cocktail wear. This can comprise anything from jeans and blouses for women to button-down shirts and jackets for men. Flip flops are a no-go at night! In short, anything goes in Las Vegas – dress up or down, the choice is yours…


  1. July: high of 41°C (105,8°F) and a low of 20°C (68°F)
  2. December: high 15°C (59°F) and a low of -3°C (26,6°F)

Macau Casino Dress Codes

Macau, a region on the south coast of China and well-known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, reflects a mix of cultural influences. Boasting giant casinos primarily located along the Cotai Strip, the city is a popular destination with almost 35.8 million visitors in 2018.

The casinos in Macau are more formal than Las Vegas yet decidedly less formal than gambling destinations such as Monte Carlo. In general, the local casinos are more conservative than western establishments. However, it is advisable not to wear shorts, sleeveless tops or flip flops. On the main gambling floors, it is best to strike a balance between casual and cocktail attire. This can comprise a neat pair of jeans and blouses for women or smart trousers and button-down shirts for men. Overall, it is best to stick to full-length pants, long sleeve tops, dresses and closed shoes. If you are visiting the high roller tables, have some fun and dress up in semi-formal or cocktail attire. In Macau, it is more about personal preference although make an effort to look somewhat groomed and conservative. Also, remember that items such as cameras, laptops, and luggage may need to be checked at the cloakroom.


  1. July and August: high of 32°C (89,6°F) and a low of 26°C (78,8°F)
  2. January: high 18°C (64,4°F) and a low of 12°C (53,6°F)

Caribbean Casino Dress Codes

The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the surrounding coasts. In 2018, the popular tropical destination welcomed 25.68 million tourists (as well as a particularly laid-back dress code).

From the Bahamas to Barbados and Aruba to Cuba, the Caribbean boasts year-round hot weather, turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Naturally, the region attracts avid beach-goers and water sport enthusiasts who are usually not too concerned about dressing up while on holiday. Home to a multitude of beach-side hotels and resorts, the Caribbean casinos are the least formal of our list.

Well perhaps not world-famous for its casinos, gambling is still enjoyed throughout the region, especially in Aruba (not to mention the cruise ships). Regardless of whether it is day or night, casinos of the Caribbean mostly expect casual attire. Think shorts and t-shirts for men and dresses with sandals for women. It is likely that most people venture straight from the beach or pool to the gambling floor. Just bear in mind that most hotels, casinos and cruise ships throughout the region have air conditioning - so don’t forget to bring a light sweater…


  1. June: high 31°C (87,8°F) and a low of 23°C (73,4°F)
  2. December: high of 27°C (80,6°F) and a low of 18°C (64,4°F)
  3. The official hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November

Monte Carlo Casino Dress Code

Monte Carlo is an administrative area of the Principality of Monaco where the Monte Carlo Casino is located. Monaco, on the French Riviera, is a mere 202ha country with a population of 38,682. In 2018, approximately 347,000 travellers visited the exclusive sovereign city-state - a travel destination of the rich and famous…

Home to the F1 Grand Prix, Monaco is also known world-over for its casinos - particularly the historic Monte Carlo Casino. Opened in 1863, the opulent casino has hosted some of the world’s elite - thus it has the most formal dress code of our list. Within the lavish surroundings, it is advised to dress up. During the day, casual attire is permitted such as in the Atrium and Salle Renaissance rooms. However, guests should avoid sneakers, sandals and flip flops. For the most part, visitors are expected to don cocktail, semi-formal or business-formal attire. In the evenings, shorts, t-shirts and sweatshirts are strictly prohibited. In the private lounges, it is essential to look the part including jackets/blazers for men.


  1. July and August: high of 27°C (80,6°F) and a low of 21°C (69,8°F)
  2. February: high 12°C (53,6°F) and a low of 7°C (44,6°F)

Atlantic City Casino Dress Codes

Located on the coast of New Jersey, Atlantic City is well-known for its beaches, high-rises, legendary boardwalk and casinos. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, Atlantic City boasts 27 million visitors every year.

Being a resort city and along the coast, the attire in Atlantic City is naturally relaxed and laid-back. In comparison to Las Vegas, it is decidedly less formal so expect to bring along an abundance of casual wear. Think shorts and t-shirts with flip flops for men and jeans or dresses and sandals for women (in winter months warmer clothes are required). While some people might like dressing up in Atlantic City, it is advisable to dress for comfort and a good time! The dress code may differ from casino to casino but overall what you wear is up to you. After all, you might like to take a break from gambling and hit the beach or boardwalk…


  1. July and August: high of 27°C (80,6°F) and a low of 21°C (69,8°F)
  2. January: high 5°C (41°F) and a low of -2°C (28,4°F)

Casino Attire - Other Things to Consider

Casino Dress Codes

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More To It Than Threads

While casino attire may differ around the world, there are a variety of other factors at play. In addition to considering your gambling destination, don’t forget to think about the type of casino, the casino area (main floor or private lounges), weather and time of day, as well as cultural and social norms.

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Type of Casino

From Monte Carlo to the Caribbean, casino dress codes can differ exponentially. As most hotel and casinos’ primary goal is to lure guests to the gaming rooms, the dress codes are mostly lax. Thus, when visiting different casinos from around the world you will likely find a mix of attire. With the exception of venues such as the Monte Carlo Casino, our advice to you is to dress up or down, it is mostly up to personal preference - anything goes! However, it is advisable to do your research beforehand. Make a list of which casinos you intend to visit and call ahead to confirm the dress code.

Casino Area - Main Floor versus Private Lounges

While the type of casino you visit will affect your wardrobe so will the casino area (for example the main floor versus private lounges). In general, the main casino rooms require a less formal dress code. Meanwhile, private rooms (for the most discerning of casino-lovers) are generally more sophisticated and stylish. Furthermore, you must consider what type of player you are – are you a novice, pro or if you are playing in a tournament? Generally, professional players like to dress a bit smarter than the average novice.


While most casinos allow casual attire, an impacting factor on what you wear will be the weather. In Las Vegas, the weather in summer can reach as high as 41°C (105,8°F), making shorts, t-shirts and dresses the norm. Meanwhile, the winter months can be as low as -3°C (26,6°F) – thus you’ll need your warmest winter clothes. In comparison, Macau’s weather is fairly stable. Temperatures reach a high of 32°C (89,6°F) in summer and in winter only go as low as 12°C (53,6°F). Therefore, it is crucial to do your weather research before visiting a region so that you can dress appropriately.

Time of Day

Weather will influence your clothing choice but so will the time of day. For example, summer days in Las Vegas can reach 41°C (105,8°F) while the nights can be as low as 20°C (68°F). Thus, you’ll likely need to switch your shorts for long pants. However, in winter the daily temperatures can reach 15°C (59°F) and be as low as -3°C (26,6°F). Therefore, you will require different types of clothing. Additionally, some casinos allow a certain dress code during the day but at night there may be restrictions. Again, it is essential to call ahead to enquire.

Cultural and Social Factors

Another important aspect to consider in relation to casino dress codes is a country or region’s cultural and social influences. This could be for symbolic reasons including cultural identity, comfort, tradition or political/religious factors. For example, Las Vegas is decidedly laid-back in comparison to its more traditional counterpart, Macau. Here are some interesting ways in which dress codes differ around the world (source: TravelEarth).

  1. Don’t wear camouflage in Barbados
  2. Don’t wear swimwear away from the beach in Spain
  3. Don’t wear trousers in Sudan and North Korea
  4. Do cover arms, legs, and heads in Saudi Arabia

Our parting piece of advice is for you to do your research!

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