LeoVegas’ Leo is here to entertain you

LeoVegas has primed an international marketing campaign for launch, promoting their new commercial concept. The purpose of the new development is to create unified communication across all markets, and it will be located in the new virtual reality of LeoVegas’ fictitious headquarters, the LeoUniverse. The concept and its localized adaptations will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2021.

The face of the campaign is Leo who works in the LeoUniverse and provides a relatable, humorous, and human touchpoint for audiences.

Sarah Krusell, Marketing Production Director at LeoVegas said, “Offering the best customer experience starts with our marketing. With this new concept, we invite our customers to a completely new ’LeoUniverse’, a world filled with entertainment, excitement, and humor. We will get to know several new characters but also meet familiar faces from our most popular games.

Lars Samuelsen, Creative Chairman at the advertising agency responsible for the campaign, Uncle Grey added, ”Working to develop the new global creative concept for LeoVegas it became clear that the heart of their offering is highly aligned with the entertainment industry. And obviously, their brand universe should be an extension of that feeling”, states.

The new development will standardize and unify LeoVegas’ marketing communications across all its markets, and it will be fully adaptable to suit the needs of individual territories.

Krusell wrapped up, saying, "Our industry has historically not maintained a high enough level when it comes to advertising and marketing. Instead of being the loudest, we hope to now be able to introduce a concept that people actually appreciate and find entertaining. With more relevant content, we can responsibly build an entertaining brand.

The concept will be activated across all markets, channels, and media formats. Its objective is to assist in continually positioning LeoVegas as a brand that values ethics as well as entertainment and excitement and safety.

The development of the LeoUniverse concept was placed in the capable hands of Copenhagen-based advertising agency; Uncle Grey. The marketing campaign will at first be broadcast on TV in Denmark and Sweden with digital campaigns following across a wide swath of channels.

Leo stars in new TV ads showing off new Leovegas' Leouniverse