Problem Gamblers Being Targeted by Casino Affiliates

It has been revealed that problem gamblers who have registered with GamStop are being aggressively targeted by iGaming affiliates. They are targeting problem gamblers who though registered with GamStop, are vigorously scouring the search engines for casinos where GamStop is not applicable.

The affiliates have designed these Non GamStop pages, which are intended to be popular on search engines such as Google for keywords related to GamStop, presenting visitors with lists of online casinos that entertain players using the services of GamStop as well as players from UK.

The casinos on the list are not part of the GamStop Self Exclusion System as the Gambling Commission has not issued any license to them.

It is a premeditated plan by these affiliates to target gullible people who are addicted to gambling, thereby fleecing them for their own financial benefit.

Players are able to exclude themselves from all UKGC licensed gambling sites for a span of five years if they are registered with GamStop, a free self exclusion online service.

Apparently some of these affiliate sites, engaged in the promotion of online casinos are aiming at key phrases in Google and keywords connected to GamStop, to provide searchers with lists of non GamStop casinos.

This is the way these affiliates are trying to entice defenceless gamblers who are using GamStop to help fight their gambling addiction. They are happily furnishing unlicensed and rogue casino lists to this player group.

UK players are very welcome to these particular casinos that are not licensed by the UKGC.

“The misfortunes of problem gambling should not be exploited for the purpose of marketing.”

It is nothing, but a ruse of these affiliate sites to lure problem gamblers with a hope of personal financial gain in mind. This negative practice of the iGaming business is very sad and it needs to be eliminated once and for all. 

It also disdains GamStop’s good effort to assist problem gamblers along with its other services.