Online Roulette

Roulette has come a long way since its birth in 17th century France. Today the chick and simple game is the epitome of classic casino gambling, and thanks to modern day technology it has become hugely

popular online as well.

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How to play

The rules of online roulette are straightforward and very easy to grasp. The roulette table features a large wheel which is spun in one direction while a ball is spun in the opposite direction within it.

Overall hit frequencies of winning symbols:

  • Place your bets by using your mouse to move the chips onto the roulette board. You have various betting options:
    • You can bet on a certain number.
    • You can bet on a group of numbers.
    • You can bet on all odd numbers.
    • You can bet on all even numbers.
    • You can bet on red or black.
  • Hit spin and the ball is released around the spinning wheel.
  • The wheel comes to a stop and the ball rests on a number.
  • If the ball lands on your number, or colour, you win.
  • You have the option to spin again by leaving your winnings on the table and “letting it ride”.

Roulette Variations

  • European Roulette

    This is the standard version of the game and also offers the best odds. It is easily discernible due to the single zero on the wheel.

  • American Roulette

    The American version has an additional slot on the wheel containing a double zero. The only difference in play is that the extra zero offers more betting options, which in turn changes the payout structure.

  • French Roulette

    Similar in layout to European Roulette, this version has additional rules, for example “La Partage”, which returns half the player’s stake if the ball lands on zero.

  • Premium Roulette

    Premium games are based on the European version with enhanced graphics, animation and other features like in-game information for a more realistic and cinematic experience.

  • Mini Roulette

    With only numbers 1 – 12 and a single zero, this is a condensed version of the game with a unique betting and payout structure specifically designed for online play.

  • 3D Roulette

    3D Graphics are the showcase feature in this uniquely designed online version.

The above cover the popular versions, but there are many other variants too, for example a range of premium single- or multiplayer games that enable players to chat to each other during play.

Roulette Glossary

  • Colour bet

    On either black or red to win even money.

  • Column bet

    On a column of numbers as indicated on the betting table. A win pays 2:1.

  • Corner

    Place your chip in the centre of a square to bet on four numbers. A win pays 8:1.

  • Dozen bet

    Bet across 12 numbers. A win pays 2:1.

  • Even Money bet

    These bets offer a high chance of hitting and pay even money. Includes red/black, odds/even, and high/low.

  • French Wheel

    Another name for the Roulette wheel.

  • Green Numbers

    This refers to the numbers 0 and 00 on the roulette table.

  • Inside bet

    A bet placed in the central numbered section of the roulette game layout.

  • Outside bet

    A bet placed using the spaces outside the numbered section of the game layout, e.g. column, dozen, high, low, odd, even, red and black bets.

  • High/low

    A bet on a group of numbers. Low = 1 to 18, high = 19 – 36.

  • Line bet

    Bet on any six numbers in rows of three. Wins pay 5:1.

  • Split bet

    Bet across two numbers by placing chip on the middle line. Wins pay 17:1.

  • Straight bet

    This is the highest paying bet in the game. Bet on one number to win 35:1.

  • Street bet

    Bet on any three numbers in a horizontal line. Wins pay 11:1.

  • Triple

    Bet across three numbers, if one number is hit the payout is 11:1.

  • Tiers du Cylindre

    a bet on the numbers opposite the zero in French Roulette.

  • Voisins du Zero

    A bet on a number that surrounds the zero in French Roulette.

Roulette Odds

The different variants of Roulette games each have their own payout odds, and the player must take this into account when deciding on a style of game he or she would like to play:

  • European and French Roulette games offer exactly the same winning odds, but French Roulette benefits from the additional “La Partage” rule.
  • Mini Roulette has less betting options available as there are fewer numbers to bet on, but this offers the highest odds compared to other Roulette styles.
  • In American Roulette your odds of winning are lowered due to the double zero, however your chances of hitting colour, even/odds, low or highs are more probable.

Roulette playing tips

When it comes to betting, your chances are better if the payout is low. Even money bets are the easiest to hit so for lots of small money wins, go for the low-risk options like Colour, Odds/Evens, Highs/Lows. Straight or single number bets are the highest risk, hence the payout of 35:1

The best way to improve your odds of winning is to spread your bets across the different options available, high and low risk. The idea is to cover as much of the table as possible with bets that complement each other. Any bet placed will be paid so there is no fear of different bets cancelling each other out. So for example if you placed a bet on a single number, a colour and a column bet you will be paid out for all three in the case of a win.