New Year, new look for Neteller

Neteller, a leading e-money transfer service gave its users a pleasant surprise when its new mobile app update included a completely revamped layout along with enhancements and improvements to its interface and features for both its business and individual customers.

Business customers will appreciate that the updates have improved the user experience with modifications that include enhanced transaction history reporting and multiple wallet option access.

Individual consumers will also benefit from the update that makes it much easier to send and spend money on the go. Users can hold multiple currencies in a single account with streamlined access to transaction histories by viewing past purchases. Neteller also took the vital step of including cryptocurrencies, with the automatic buying and selling of cryptos enabled.


The CEO of Neteller, Lorenzo Pellegrino, expressed how the company is “excited about this 2020 milestone and bringing these new features to market,”

He added that this upgrade combined “a strengthened technology platform with the technical expertise of our team. The result is a full refresh to the Neteller service. Making life ever easier for our users stands at the heart of the revamped design and new features.”

“Making life even easier for our users is at the heart of these enhancements, and we’re confident that they will ensure the best experience possible,” He concluded

The app now includes several new depositing options, including Paysafe’s Rapid Transfer, Paysafecard, and Paysafecash. Neteller also widened access to the app by making it available in four additional languages: French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Other enhancements include faster money remittance with instant transfers to other Neteller users and money transfers to friends or family via mobile numbers or email addresses.

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