Yggrasil's GATI Technology to becomes Northern Lights' Go-to-Market Interface

Yggdrasil's YG Masters partners- Northern Lights, has decided to create a scalable route to maximize its chances of growing rapidly around the world. This time around, the innovative studio has picked the game-changing GATI technology of standardization to become its go-to marker interface.

GATI happens to be the enabler of Yggdrasil Decentralized Aggregation Network (DAN). More or less, this helps a global Yggdrasil Franchisee to cooperate by making use of GATI and share their respective gaming roadmaps.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Strategy and Sourcing at Yggdrasil, has said:

“This is a complete game-changer for our partners, giving them complete control over the rapid development and fully scalable deployment of their games onto our systems and standardized technology, that are fully compliant and packaged ready for distribution to our rapidly expanding operator and Franchise networks.”

Unique Business Model

Northern Lights is not going to benefit from this inventive technology alone since most YG Master associates will get complete access to GATI. This will allow them to make use of preconfigured, standardized, regulation ready content development toolkit, which enables designing and distribution of games across the globe.

Andrew Goodale, CEO of Northern Lights declared:

“We are very excited about developing our games on the GATI platform and taking our business to another level using this strategic and innovative technology and unique collaborative business model.”

Northern Lights also happens to be the first independent game studio that has developed its platform under the YGS Masters program. Goodale has also said- “This gives us complete control of the entire development process and how we design games without having to make any compromises, plus it will enable us to achieve our business strategy quicker and at scale, across global markets.”

What’s in it for partners?

The language-agnostic, revolutionary, standardized GATI technology allows gaming producers to quickly and safely share or build content all across the company’s global distribution network.

This unique model will enable associates to quickly scale their distribution and boost revenue opportunities while being able to develop new ways to collaborate and work. Among all brands that have experienced these perks are- Flow Gaming, Black Cow Technology, with others to come.

McCarthy also said:

“Studios can build content in any language they want with the knowledge that their math and mechanics IP is completely protected, while also benefiting from our full suite of BOOST™ marketing tools and our Partner Connect system that manages local market compliance and operator-specific integration requirements.”

The company also introduced a new feature called Jackpot TopUp. This enables operators around the world to immediately boost their prize pools through JP games- providing a solution for better winning, which may enhance user experience.